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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1697

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1697

Alex wanted to see just how powerful the Eight Desolated Killing Formation was. Just by the name, it did indeed sound quite terrifying.

“Alright then! I agree to this bet!” he said without hesitation and laughed.

Since Zella was part of the team, she put Winniefred down and turned to Alex. “Eight Desolated Killing Formation isn’t just a formation made by eight people you know? Its power is absolutely immense, so be careful.”

Suzaku said, “Hey Zella, which side are you even on right now? If you go easy on him on purpose, then what’s the point of this bet? You can only choose a side, your man or us.”

Zella blushed. “He’s not my man.”

“Then why did your daughter call him Papa?”

“He’s her godfather!”

Dorothy spoke up. “This will be a fair fight, so don’t go easy at all. If I find any of you doing so, their cores will be destroyed, and they’ll be banished from this island.”

Alex asked, “Do you have to be that brutal?”

Dorothy huffed. “It’s to prevent you from trying anything foolish. Give us your all, or do you really think you’re unbeatable?”

Alex smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Oh, Aunt, you have no idea who I’ve been with the past few days. I’ve been battling for a few days straight, and I just managed to escape! I have to go back into hiding tomorrow because I really can’t fight them anymore. Even just a mere disciple can beat me up like a punching bag.”

“What? How is that possible? Unless…”

“It’s okay, I’ll tell you all the details later. Let’s give your women’s army a try first!”

In just a few moments, the eight women stood together, standing in unique yet odd placements.

Winniefred yelled to Alex, “You can do it, Papa!”

She then turned to Zella. “You can do it too, Mommy!”

‘Hey, which side are you even on, kid?’

At the center of the Eight Desolated Killing Formation was Suzaku.

“White Tigress Power Realm! ” she yelled.


Eight of them immediately shifted from their positions. Everyone emitted an intense aura as spiritual energy filled the air…

Among the eight women, Suzaku was the strongest fighter since she was at the middle stage of Spirit Transcendence.

Three of them were at the Spirit Transcendence stage as well, whereas the others were at a lower stage. Logically, it wouldn’t be possible for such a team to defeat a Core Formation stage cultivator.

However, Alex was very familiar with formation circles. He was able to see just how fascinating this formation was. Every position in the team benefitted the other. There weren’t any flaws or openings at all. This formation could even adjust accordingly to their opponent’s power.

The White Tigress Power Realm then formed a white tigress above the women’s heads. It looked surreal, standing twenty meters tall.

“Thousand Snowy Blades!” Suzaku shouted again.

The White Tigress then lunged towards Alex and attacked him.


It roared to the sky.

Alex’s expression changed. He knew that this attack was much stronger than Suzaku’s. Not only did it connect and activate the spiritual power within all eight of them, but it even got help from the spiritual power from nature, making the formation ever more potent.

Alex could dodge the attack, but he chose not to. He did place a bet to see if they could break his defense after all.

He looked grim as he stomped his foot, activating his armor to its maximum defense. This formed a yellow turtle shell shield in front of him.


The attack landed on the shield harshly. Alex could only withstand it for three seconds. After that, the shield broke.

The Thousand Snowy Blades won the bet with ease.

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