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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1690

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1690

Maya Howards recognized Koda Miki. “Mr. Miki, it really is you!” she muttered nonchalantly.

Koda grabbed his hand. His facial expression was horrendous, and he wouldn’t take his eyes off Old Whitey. “This is a demon cat! This is a demon cat!” he uttered.

Why would it be so powerful otherwise?

“People like them should just be killed,” Waltz Fleur said.

Koda could understand English. Hence, after hearing what Waltz said, he started trembling. “No, don’t kill rne. Don’t kill us. We… We mean no harm,” he stammered.

A few minutes earlier, Koda was still fully confident. In fact, he was thinking about how to torture Maya once he found her, even planning to rape her in front of all his subordinates. He wanted her to know the price she had to pay for slapping a man. In fact, she had ought to know that men from the Miki family were not to be messed with.

However, only three minutes had passed. The entire situation had turned around. Suddenly, Koda discovered that he had jumped into a pit of fire.

All the pretty women in it were capable of killing.

Waltz sneered, “You barged into our house in the middle of the night, with your face covered and weapons in your hands. Yet you actually say you mean no harm? What are you here for? To put on a show?”

“This, this… Based on American law, as long as we haven’t officially attacked you, that means we’ve not committed a crime,” Koda said.

Waltz nearly laughed out in anger. “A Japanese like you actually knows quite a lot about American law! That’s right. According to our law, even if someone holds a knife to my neck, I can’t fight back as long as he doesn’t actually hurt me… But so what? This law doesn’t apply to you guys. That’s because you’re not one of us. You’re Japanese!”

Waltz slapped one of Koda’s subordinates on the face.


The man’s neck made a 360-degree spin. His life left him on the spot.

Koda’s eyes nearly fell out of its sockets. This woman had killed a person without even batting an eyelid. It was way too horrifying.

“Don’t kill as you please, Waltz. Keep these people around. I’ll put them to good use,” Maya said.

“Maya, what use could you possibly make of a few Japanese?” Waltz asked.

Maya looked at Koda. “This one is the director of Miki Consortium’s international marketing department. He’s also the fourth son of Miki Consortium’s president. With him in my hands, I’ll be able to do lots of things,” Maya said.

“For example..?” asked Waltz.

Maya chuckled. “For example… I could get him to sell Miki Consortium’s international pipeline to us for ten million dollars.”

“Ten million? Miki Consortium can’t possibly be willing to do that, right?” Waltz asked.

Maya let out an icy chuckle. “I believe Mr. Miki will agree with our proposal!”

Koda appeared as if he was looking at a lunatic.

‘Miki Consortium’s international pipeline was created using at least a hundred billion dollars in capital, yet you want to buy it with ten million dollars? You must be dreaming, right?’ Koda thought

“Ms. Howards, even if I’m willing to sign such a contract, my father wouldn’t agree to it. He’d rather lose me than sell the company’s international pipeline for ten million dollars. That’s the core of our business!” Koda retorted.

Maya laughed. “This will depend on how capable you are,” she said while retrieving a bottle.

As soon as Alex Rockefeller saw the bottle, he knew it was the heart-scratching parasite of a hundred days he had been keeping at home. It was Canyonland’s parasitic poison!

Maya directly shoved one of the pills into Koda’s mouth. “There’s another pill in the bottle. As long as you make your father eat it once you return to Japan, I believe he will agree to the contents in the contract,” she said.

Koda seemed horrified.

Previously, he thought Maya looked like a lunatic. Now, he felt as if he was looking at a demon.

‘How could this woman be so evil?’

‘She’s even more evil than Miki Consortium!’

“What did you feed me?!” Koda asked frantically.

“You’ll find out very soon. The taste will surely be a memorable one!” Maya exclaimed.

In the next second, Koda felt a terrifying sensation. Something was crawling in his throat.

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