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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1687

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1687

“My mother will be joining us at Flying Eagles Academy! She might come in handy in the future!” Alex Rockefeller said.

Jade Benmore pulled a long face. ‘Why would you take your mother with you to school? Are you that clingy?’

“It’s not that easy to get a spot in Flying Eagles Academy. Even if I’m the one giving the permission, I can’t bring too many there at once. Typically, candidates need to be recommended by someone else, and they’d still have to go through many levels of testing!”

“I can only give you three spots at most. As for whoever you want to bring with you, you can decide for yourself. Give me their names by tomorrow night,” Jade said while shaking her head.

While speaking, Jade looked down past her feet. A few hundred meters below her, the scene in the small neighborhood was crystal clear. By then, the city’s fire rescue, police, and news crews had all rushed over after finding out about what happened.

Clearly, it looked like some major news was about to appear in the headlines.

“Sister, this is getting out of hand. Should we head over to the news department and tell them to keep the discussions under control?” Nora asked.

Jade waved her hand. “I’ve already spoken to our big boss over the phone. Things on the ancient battlefield aren’t looking too good. If we really only have half a year left, it’s time to let the citizens get some information so they can mentally prepare themselves! From now on, any news related to martial arts will develop naturally. The government officials won’t respond to any of it. In fact, they might even have to push things along secretly.”

Nora sighed. “America has gone through so much to put our name on the map. We had hopes of becoming the leading country in the world. With this wave of attacks, our economy will certainly take a turn for the worse.”

Jade’s gaze deepened. “You’re wrong! Danger always comes with opportunity! Once the ancient force field is broken, the current ways of the economy and technology will no longer be the standards of measuring a country’s strength. Instead, it will be martial arts capabilities. America has already been in the lead for thirty years in this regard. We’ll only get stronger in the future,” she said.

“Of course, that’s assuming America doesn’t get annihilated,” Jade added after a pause.

“Master, aren’t there force field entrances in other countries?” Alex asked.

“For now, we haven’t discovered any suspicions about this in other countries. However, there might be dungeons there,” Jade replied.

Jade had work to do.

A Five-star Warlord like her couldn’t possibly keep behaving like Alex’s bodyguard. In the end, she gave Alex a piece of jade. “Keep this with you at all times. If Colton really dares to look for you, you can stall him with this. After that, break the teleportation token. I’ll personally come and save you,” Jade said.

In the end, Jade glanced at Phoebe Larsen, who was still passed out. “You should get going!”

Alex nodded.

“Hey, Alex. When are you going to cure my illness?” Nora asked.

“You don’t have a man anyway. Why do you need to get cured? I’ll cure you when you finally decide on wanting a man,” Alex growled coldly. With that, Alex turned around and left.

Nora’s face turned green with anger. “Is this b*stard holding a grudge against me?”

“Are you sick or something?” Jade asked curiously.

“I’m not sick!” Nora blushed.

“It’s about time you found a man. If you wait any longer, you’ll soon end up in your seventies or eighties. Who’d still want an old hag like you then?” Jade nodded.

Nora nearly fell from the sky.

Not long after Alex flew up with Imperial Sword Flight ,Phoebe woke up. More accurately, Yuno woke up.

Alex quickly landed on the ground.

“I want to go to that Flying Eagles Academy you guys talked about!” gushed Yuno.

Alex looked at her, confused. “Did you hear everything?” he asked.

Yuno nodded. “Dungeons and ancient forcefields… If I’m not mistaken, my physical body should be inside the ancient force field.”

Alex’s mouth dropped wide open in shock.

“Elder Yuno, can you tell me about your true background?” Alex asked.

Yuno shook her head. “I don‘t want to. I’m simply unwilling to. You’ll understand why,” she said.

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