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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1686

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1686


The tall apartment building with twenty-four floors collapsed, causing a large pit to appear on the ground. Even the underground parking lot caved in.

Many cars were instantly destroyed.

This was absolutely devastating. How many apartments were there in this building? Michigan was known as the most expensive state in America, and housing prices topped national charts. Many people were so poor that they could never afford a house for an entire lifetime. Now that their houses had collapsed, and they no longer had a home, where would they go?

Countless people started crying, and each of them called the cops.

They couldn’t see Alex Rockefeller, Jade Benmore, and Nora Stewart in the night sky since they were too high up. It was also in the middle of the night, so how could they possibly see those people?

“This guy must be mad! He’s caused such a huge scene. There are lots of people watching down there. We can’t even hide this anymore. It’s going to be all over the news later. People will be saying all sorts of things,” Nora said.

Jade shook her head. “Maxwell was his favorite son. It would be odd if he didn’t go mad! I thought he would agree to the duel. Looks like he still values his life, but I’m sure he’s not going to give up so easily,” she said.

Jade looked at Alex. “I’m going to the ancient battlefield right away, and I can’t look after you. There’s only one place for you to go, and that’s Flying Eagles Academy! You’ll definitely be safe there. Colton can’t get his hands inside, and he wouldn’t dare kill you in the academy,” Jade said.

Alex looked her in the eyes. “Haven’t you planned all this long ago? What about my family? What do you plan to do for them?”

“Colton won’t do anything to you… Unless I tell him that you’re not my disciple,” Jade said.

Alex got down on his knees and hugged Jade’s leg. “Master!” he cried out.

Jade frowned a little, but she didn’t object. She began to speak after waiting for Alex to get up on his own. “I’ll give you a day to get ready. You’ll go to Flying Eagles Academy the day after tomorrow!” Jade said.

“Huh? This soon?” Alex was stunned.

“Do you want to wait until next year? You’re there to escape, not for vacation,” Jade said.

Alex frowned. “I don’t want to go to Flying Eagles Academy. Why don’t you take me to the ancient battlefield with you, Master?” He asked.

Jade shook her head. “Nobody can enter the ancient battlefield without a graduation certificate from Flying Eagles Academy,” she said.

‘D*mn. Such a condition actually exists,’ thought Alex. “I still have questions,” Alex said after a while.

“Why do you have so many questions? I was only willing to save your life because of Luna Flores,” Jade said with a frown.

“Wait a second. You’re Luna’s second aunt. Does that mean you know Freya Mayer? Freya was affected by the Witch Cult’s pill of seven poisons. I’ve just acquired the ingredients to make the antidote for her, but I haven’t done so. She’s waiting for me,” Alex said.

“You know Freya too?” Jade was stunned for a moment.

After that, her expressions changed. “Hang on, what did you just say? Witch Cult… Did the Witch Cult reappear? Where are they?” She asked.

Alex found her response a little odd. “Do you know the Witch Cult too?”

“Thirty years ago, our people worked together to annihilate the Witch Cult. I didn’t think they’d have a comeback. It looks like…” Jade trailed off while a frown began to form on her forehead.

“I’ll tell Freya to look for you at the Flying Eagles Academy. She’ll go to you on her own! She’s also a student there, but she hasn’t earned enough academic points to graduate,” Jade added after a moment.

“In that case, can I bring a few more people into the academy?” Alex asked.

“Who are they? Are they women?” Jade asked.

“Err…” Alex murmured.

“Do you think I’m letting you into the academy for a vacation with your girls? You’re there to learn!” Jade exclaimed.

“Master, didn’t you say the ancient force field might be broken in half a year? By then, not only will America he in turmoil, but the entire world will be in a huge mess. Everyone I’m taking with me is an expert. After graduating from the Flying Eagles Academy, they’ll be able to contribute a lot in the future,” Alex said.

“Fine! How many of them are there? Give me their names,” Jade said.

“Let me count. My mother…” Alex began to speak…

“Wait a second. Why are you taking your mother with you?” Jade began to get annoyed. ‘I helped him out, and I even accepted him as my disciple. Was this a mistake?’ She thought to herself.

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