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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1677

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1677

“Could one even cure the poison of Giant Coiled Dragon? Does such a powerful doctor exist in the world?” Colton Lawrence didn’t sound happy at all. He wished Jade Benmore would die sooner rather than later so that she wouldn’t get in his way. Once she died, he’d be able to control the people in Dragon Fang Squad. That was what he needed.

“I’m not too sure about this, but I saw Jade Benmore’s subordinate coming in with a young fellow. They were carrying Jade’s leg, and the leg seemed to have recovered its original form! This is truly odd. They could actually remove the leg and reassemble it after the poison on the leg was gone. It’s unbelievable,” Maxwell Lawrence said.

“Dad, Jade says that she will enter the deep part of the force field three days later to investigate the cause of riots among the beasts! She said that you must protect Ninth City at all costs, even if the entire army must perish,” Maxwell added after a pause.

“Humph! Ninth City is our key stronghold. If the other strongholds in front have already perished, Ninth City will face the onslaught of countless demon beasts. If I, the left-wing Lieutenant, must protect it at all costs, that means I will definitely die!” Colton said.

“What do we do?” Maxwell asked.

“I don’t care what she says. If that time comes, why would I care about America’s downfall? We’re looking for an opportunity to enter the path of gods! Isn’t she going into the deep part of the enemy’s camp in three days? Coincidentally, she’ll be able to clear the path for me,” Colton said.

“Haven’t you taken the final step beyond Peak-Nascent Soul? I think we should stop waiting. I happen to have found two Ascension Fruits. You’ll sleep with Luna Flores immediately and breakthrough to Profound Mystic rank with the help of her Cinnabar Yin Energy. It won’t be a problem at all,” Colton said.

Maxwell had wanted to sleep with Luna Flores, the demonic woman with a hot body, a long time ago. However, due to her Cinnabar Spell, he had been resisting his urges. Now that the timing was ripe, wouldn’t he be more than happy to do it?

“I’ll do as you say, Father!” Maxwell said.

After this phone call ended, Maxwell received another call on his other phone.

This person sat next to him during their time in Flying Eagles Academy. Now, he was also on the ancient battlefield. The two of them frequently contacted each other.

“Santos, it’s been a while since we last met. How are you free to give me a call? I’ve heard about your luck in acquiring a dead Level Four Ground Bear on the ancient battlefield,” Maxwell said.

“Maxwell, news sure travels fast with you. I was simply lucky! Maxwell, I’m calling you to verify something with you. Have you called off the engagement with Luna?” Santos Guilherme asked.

Maxwell laughed out loud. “Call it off? Why would I do that? We’re going to spend our first night together soon. Why did you suddenly ask that?”

“About this… I’m not sure if I should say it. I bumped into Luna a while back. It looks like she already has a boyfriend! They seemed very close. By the looks of it, they might have already slept with each other,” Santos said.


A sudden buzz appeared in his head. Maxwell felt as if he would soon explode.

“Is that true?” Maxwell asked.

“Why would I lie to you? I even checked on that guy. In the end, I found out that he’s a jerk who goes around tricking women. Now, he’s rolling around on a bed with another woman!” Santos said.

Maxwell had been cheated on.

Maxwell had always thought himself the most outstanding person among his peers. How could he accept being cheated on? At this moment, he couldn’t calm down. More importantly, there was no way he could determine whether Santos was lying or not.

The only thing he knew now was that he needed to capture that man and cut him into pieces.

“Where is this person? Bring me to him!” Maxwell exclaimed.

“I’ll send the address to you. My senior is summoning me for something urgent right now! Oh, there’s also a picture of him. I’ll send it to you too,” Santos said.

Soon, Maxwell received an address and a picture. It was a picture of Alex Rockefeller and Luna hugging each other.

“Who the f*ck is this guy? I’ll make you regret being born to this world!” Maxwell uttered.

Although Maxwell had met Alex before, he had only seen Alex once. He would not have paid attention to a nobody like Alex. Hence, Maxwell didn’t recognize Alex right away.

“Ahh..?!” Maxwell shouted ragefully.

He never thought that he would one day be cheated on. It was nearly driving him mad. He immediately caused all the trees within a hundred meters to shake violently in the surrounding forest.

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