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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1671

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1671

Alex looked at Nora with disdain.

‘You’re already this old. What else have you not seen before? Do you need to be so dramatic?’

However, it was pretty disgusting indeed.

“Wallace, don’t look at it anymore. The detoxification will take a while. I just feel hungry now. Let’s head to the hotel restaurant for a meal!” Alex said to Wallace after dealing with the filth on his body.

“What? Do you guys still have the appetite for a meal after seeing such things?” Nora stared at Alex as if she was looking at a monster.

“What’s the big deal? Sis, if you have free time, you can use a microscope to look at your body. Countless microbes that are more disgusting than these things are living all over your body, especially where hair is growing but cannot be seen. There are even more bacteria in that area, with millions or billions of them!”

Nora wanted to vomit again. However, a whim struck her, ‘Doesn’t ‘where hair is growing but cannot be seen’ mean…’

“Oh my, you little b*stard just made fun of me. Who would use a microscope to look at that area? Do you look at it often? Let me see how many bacteria you have.”


As a sound was made, Alex’s pants were brutally torn off.


Alex was shocked as he hurriedly covered his private parts.

‘This Nora Stewart must have become a rogue after being on the battlefield for a long time!’

When Wallace saw the scene, he just smiled without saying a word.

‘Immortal Doctor is a medical saint who can take on any woman. Although this subordinate of the Five-star Warlord has a strangely high level of martial arts, she has to suffer a setback in front of the Immortal Doctor too!’

In the end, Nora did not go for dinner. She kept guarding Jade’s leg.

At first, she just felt it was disgusting, but she realized that the maggots had stopped moving after a while, they were all dead! On the other hand, the earthworms also started floating on the water one after another…

These earthworms’ bodies were much larger than before, and they were all black. This was because they had absorbed the toxin in the leg into their bodies. Meanwhile, Jade’s leg was no longer as dark as before but had started to turn fair.

‘It really works!’ Nora looked at them in surprise. At this moment, she no longer felt that these little creatures were disgusting. Compared to her sister’s leg, it was nothing at all.

At the same time, Alex, who was having dinner at the hotel restaurant, received a call from Maya. The woman snarled on the phone, “Do you know what kind of ugly behavior that Miki Consortium’s guy from Japan has made in the meeting today? He wanted to take up 90% of our Lush Cosmetics’ profit. What wishful thinking! He even said that he wanted to block us. He’s just a Japanese fellow. What right does he have to brag in America? I got angry and gave him a tight slap right away.”

Alex rarely saw Maya so angry.

After comforting her softly with a few words, he asked, “What’s Miki Consortium?”

Maya said, “It’s a Japanese company that was founded with biotechnology. Their products are quite well-known internationally and have many international trade routes under their belt. They had taken the initiative to show up at our doorstep and wanted to sell our products! I have discussed with Mom and felt that honoring their channel to get through the gateways of various countries would be the fastest way. I didn’t expect this Miki Consortium would be so greedy to treat us as pigs to be slaughtered and are asking for 90% of the profit.”

Alex said with a smile, “Why do you have to be so angry? It takes a lot to make a world. Japan has a lot of weirdos, so it’s also normal to have a Miki Consortium onboard! As for Lush Cosmetics’ overseas exportation, it’s not necessary to collaborate with someone else. We can set up an international business department ourselves. With our products, there’s no problem with it at all.”

Maya said, “Bro, you don’t understand this. Every country has different policies. It’s a complicated matter for a purely new enterprise to get through so many channels.”

Alex said, “Alright, alright. You people are good at making money. I won’t comment on it, but you can’t forfeit your cultivation base! I’m now in Michigan, and I’ve met a Five-star Warlord. When I come back later, I’ll tell you guys something.”

“A Five-star Warlord? Does our nation have such a figure?”

“Yes! She’s a woman too!”

“Oh gosh! Do you have any photos? Let me have a look.”

“I’ll ask later if I can get a group photo.”

Then, the call ended.

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