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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1670

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1670

Wallace said, “Master Rockefeller’s methods are unbelievable. I wonder if I can have a chance to join such an amazing treatment process? ”

Alex smiled. “It’s not a big deal. If you want to see it, just come with me then!”

When they were talking, he saw Nora had come out of the hospital to chase after him. Clearly, she was here for supervision.

Nora was a ticking bomb. It would be inconvenient for Alex to find Phoebe and Cheryl with her around. In other words, the appointment of the boudoir was going to fall through.

Nora asked, “How do you plan to cure my sister’s leg? Don’t you need to freeze the leg first?”

Alex raised Jade’s leg and instantly slammed it into a tree next to him. With a crack sound, the leg did not break, but the tree snapped.

“Why would you need to freeze such a hard leg?”

Jade’s eyebrows twitched violently as she witnessed the entire scene on the seventeenth floor. A person with such a high level of cultivation base would feel her body shake a little too.

‘B*stard! What a b*stard!’

‘If you can’t cure my leg, I’ll chop off your legs for sure!’

Meanwhile, Alex started to order Wallace and Nora around.

“Wallace, I’ll write a prescription. Please help me to prepare some medicinal herbs.”

“Nora, please help me to get twenty-two pounds of earthworms and 4.4 pounds of maggots.”

Wallace’s mission was straightforward.

Nora was shocked and turned pale with fright. “What are you going to do with earthworms? And, you even want maggots. Aren’t you disgusting? I won’t do it!”

Alex said, “Sis, do you want Commander’s to be cured? Now the leg has already been removed, what follows next is a race against time. It isn’t good to delay even a second. After a long time, this leg will really be ruined.”

Nora was worried about Jade. Without any choice, she could only follow his instruction.

An hour later, Alex placed Jade’s leg in a bathtub that had been filled with water in a certain room at the hotel.

Wallace was full of curiosity. “Master Rockefeller, the medicinal herbs that you asked me to prepare are all ordinary medicinal herbs. These medicinal herbs are completely incompatible with detoxification. What are their functions?”

Alex smiled. “They will work their wonders.”

As he spoke, he turned around and looked at Nora. “Nora, the next scene will be a bit much. Would you like to avoid it?”

Nora stared at him as her expression changed abruptly. “Could it be that you’re going to place all these earthworms and maggot into it? You d*mn brat, if my sister knows you treat her leg like this, she will kill you.”

Alex said, “That is why, you can’t tell her about it.”

As he spoke, he poured the buckets of earthworms and maggots next to him into the bathtub right away. The cramped, disgusting little things wriggled over Jade’s leg while crawling and drilling around.

Nora almost wanted to vomit.

Next, Alex ground the medicinal herbs brought by Wallace into powder bare-handedly before throwing them into the bathtub.

The worms inside wriggled even more vigorously.

Wallace suddenly slapped his forehead. “I’ve understood it. This is the legendary maggot treatment. It can devour the rotten tissues on the leg, and it’s even more thorough than surgery! But, I don’t really understand these earthworms…”

Alex said, “There are causes and effects as well as mutual promotions and restraints among the living things in the world. Everything has its own rules. Don’t look down at these little earthworms. They’re little experts in detoxification. It will depend on these meritorious earthworms whether Commander Benmore can be recovered to its original state.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he drew a Zharvakko talisman in mid-air and slapped it into the bathtub.

In the next second, countless earthworms randomly crawled onto Jade’s dark leg…


Nora really could not bear it anymore. She hurriedly stepped backward.

She thought, ‘If Sis were to witness this scene, she wouldn’t want this leg for sure. It’s too disgusting. She’ll have a nightmare at night!’

However, Wallace watched it with relish. “Great! It’s really great! It’s too great!”


This time, she could not hold it and vomited for real. She even vomited all over Alex.

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