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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1661

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1661

Each of Jade’s men fought in the north and south inside the ancient boundary. They were experts with a murderous aura who sniped demonic beasts.

The person who said that was Pedro. His personality matched his name. His temper was fiercer than a leopard.

Just now, it was he who wanted to make a move on Alex.

At this moment, he had the momentum. These famous doctors were breathless as if carnage from hell appeared before them. There was even a female doctor who glanced at Pedro and immediately stiffened. The next second, her bladder was loose, and she leaked urine

Pitter patter!

The sound of urine flowing to the ground was clearly audible throughout the conference room.

Damian wiped a handful of sweat from his head, “My lord, don’t be angry, the amputation is just…”

“How dare you talk about amputation?”

“Ah… I dare not. I dare not. No amputation, absolutely no amputation!” Damian also almost pissed himself in fear. He was now starting to regret allowing Jade to come to his hospital for treatment. It was only because he managed to get it by all means and with a lot of connections.

But now, he suddenly found that this errand was not good. He was afraid it was easy to invite god in but harder to send him away.


A group of well-known and famous doctors began to discuss Jade‘s situation. The examination reports were available and were very detailed. They had also seen the current state of her leg. The results of the discussion were that there was no other way besides amputation. However, the other party had clearly said that there would not be any amputation.

This was difficult for a large group of doctors.

“This wound is too deep. I’m afraid it has damaged the neurovascular tissue. The blood vessels at the wound are gone. It’s bizarre. At this stage, how can one still walk?”

“The skin around there is all dead, right?”

“This poison is so venomous. It should have flowed all over the body. We should be right to change the blood in the whole body, right?”

Half an hour has passed, an hour has passed.

In the end, there was no decision made.


“A bunch of losers!”

Pedro slammed his palm on the conference table. Immediately, the entire conference table was broken into pieces.

At that moment, all the doctors screamed in fear. More than two dozen doctors were so frightened that they urinated on the spot. Another two others fainted, and their stool escaped.

The entire conference room was stinky.

Jade angrily glanced at Pedro. “Pedro, what are you doing? I’ll here to seek medical help. Since the doctors have no solution, are you planning to kill all the doctors here?”


Pedro kneeled before Jade. With tears streaming down his face, he cried and howled, “Commander, I am anxious! What can we do about this? You were bitten by that beast to save me. I am just a nobody, so I can die. But you, Commander, are the guardian god of America. You are in this situation because of me. I can’t redeem myself. I can’t redeem myself!”

His voice shook the heavens.

Kneeling on the ground, his tears poured down his face. After saying that, he slapped his face hard.

He slapped really hard. Instantly, his face was bloodied!

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