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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1651

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1651

Alex didn’t know who Xienna Stoermer was, but he was now very worried.

He had seen and heard about many cases of reincarnation in the Ultimate Book of Medicine. A person who could be reincarnated from their previous life definitely wasn’t an ordinary person in itself. For someone who would reincarnate and still hold the Reincarnation Stone, which defied nature, it was certain that the person came from a significant background.

Coming from such a past life, they definitely would not have a good end.

In the end, they would mostly be swallowed up or be killed by the soul of their previous life.

“Hubby, I’m perturbed!” Dorothy hugged Alex, her chin resting on his shoulder, and she sounded sad.

So what if she had reached the realm of Nascent Soul so quickly? That only meant that she would die faster.

Dorothy now wished that she could slow down her cultivation level so that the soul of her previous life would take longer to wake up.

“Don’t be afraid!”

Alex tightened his arms around her, though he felt even more anxious and afraid than Dorothy when he heard the news. “I’ll think of something. There must be another way! We’ll definitely be able to think of something.”

The two embraced each other Lightly. At this moment, they just wanted to meld their body as close as possible.

It seemed that this was the only way they could feel each other’s existence and that she wouldn’t disappear. Dorothy suddenly said, “Hubby, let’s have a baby!”


“Let’s have a baby while I’m still conscious and myself before I become another woman!” Dorothy seemed to have made up her mind. “That way, even if one day I wake up and become Xienna and don’t know you or love you anymore, we’ll already have a child, proof of our love! That will be the continuation of our love, the testimony of our marriage, and… Proof that Dorothy

Assex had once been part of this world.”

Alex could feel that he was about to cry. “No, it won’t happen.”

“I’ve already thought about it,” Dorothy said. “Don’t you still have Daya? And Waltz and Maya… I already know that Maya likes you a lot! While we were still in school, I could already tell. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come to my office at Dorothy-Alex Constructions. I won’t stop you anymore. You can marry them, take in a few more wives. Our children will also have a few mothers!”

“No, I can’t promise that! How could I? Alex was emotional. “Our children will only have you as their mother, and no one else will ever be their real mother.”

“Then, do you agree to have a baby with me? I want to have one now! I want to give you a few babies, hubby! I’ll have twins first, then quadruplets!”

“Okay, we’ll have as many as you want.”

Dorothy was probably shocked and incredibly emotional right now as she embraced Alex. She stood on tiptoes and kissed him.

Not far off from here, in this unknown village, a couple was entangled in each other’s arms. In this house that belonged to a stranger, Alex and Dorothy fell on a stranger’s bed. They worked hard to create more little people.

As for Old Whitey, this shy, female cat, it had already snuck out long ago.


Without knowing it, the entire night passed. The couple who were in distress, Alex and Dorothy, tried repeatedly in this unknown place to create life.

On the second day, they woke up.

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