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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1647

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1647

When the man heard Alex’s words, his face changed instantly.

However, he took a closer look at Alex and Dorothy’s appearance and didn’t feel that they were powerful at all. Also, most of the people in this village had run out to find work, and there were only about fifty people left in the place. It gave him a bold idea…

“There’s only the two of you?” he asked.

“Yeah! How many more do you want?” Alex asked.

“Then, I can only express my regret. There are some things that you shouldn’t know, and once you do, you can only go to hell.”

The man’s gaze sharpened, looking fierce. After he finished speaking, he opened his mouth, and two fangs emerged from his gum. At this moment, Dorothy didn’t bother holding back or waiting as she reached out to slap the man on his head, and the man was flung into the air where he rolled once before crashing to the ground.


The man opened his mouth to spit out a tooth. It was one of his fangs.

Now, he was angry but also scared. That was his fang. He was missing a fang now. How was he going to find someone to be his partner in the future? Missing a fang was crippled!


“I want your life!”

He got up and threw himself in Dorothy’s direction. However, Dorothy’s cultivation level was very high now. She had already reached Nascent Soul. That was equivalent to being the top dogs of the entire country right now, and the people who had reached Nascent Soul were also known as bosses.


Another slap. This time, the man’s other fang fell out too.

He fell to the ground, unable to get up. At this moment, he finally understood that this woman in front of him was not as ordinary as she looked on the surface but an exceptional master. It was him who had been too blind not to see it.

“A half-human, half-demon? It seems to be from the line of foxes, a real fox-spirit!”

Dorothy looked at the man carefully and chuckled as she said, “Was Charles’ blood essence sucked dry by him? That guy, can’t he tell the difference between gender anymore? This is a male!”

Then, she reached out her hand, motioning in the air, and lifted the man.

“I’ve never seen a half-human, half-demon before. Does he have a demon core? Do you want to dig it out and see?”

Dorothy was asking Alex, and the man in her grip trembled in fright.

They wanted to dig out his brain while he was still alive? As his demon core was in the center of his forehead, and it could only be found if they dug out his brain. These two people in front of him were even more ruthless than that vicious lady.

“No, don’t dig out my brother’s brain!”

A woman rushed out. It was the man’s sister. She looked enchanting and beautiful with a hint of coquettislmess. However, there were now tears streaming down her face. She fell to the ground with a thud and begged, “I’m the one who sucked the blood essence from those people in Dynasty Hotel. If you want to kill, then kill me! It had nothing to do with my brother. Please, let him go!”

Alex’s purpose had been to retrieve the blood essence, and he said, “Where is it now? Is it still here?”

“Yes, yes, it’s still here. I’ll give it to you now.”

The woman pulled out a few small bottles from the bag on her shoulder. The bottles were not big, and it was slightly smaller than those that usually contained ordinary flu medicine. There were seven bottles in total, and each of them held the life of a single person.

Alex took the bottles, placing them in his storage bag. This surprised Dorothy, and her eyes lit up. She smiled slightly.

“Are there any more?”

“No, no! We… We were forced to do that.”

“Who was the one who instructed you to do this?” Alex asked.


Just as the woman was about to continue, a weird cry came from outside. It sounded like a cow, but also like a dog. When the woman heard it, she trembled. “He… H-He’s here?”

“Who’s here?” Dorothy asked.

The woman looked nervous. “It’s the Witch Doctor Sect Master’s son. My brother and I were threatened by the Witch Doctor. She forced us to take poison and made us help her collect blood essence. We didn’t do this voluntarily. We were forced!”

“The Sect Master of the Witch Doctor Sect?”

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