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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1640

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1640

“No, I don’t agree.” Alex was enraged in an instant. Most importantly, he was also unsure if Luna wouldn’t get pregnant, even though he had already taken all the precautions that he could.

“Your objection is invalid.”

“If you dare to try, I’ll…”


“I’ll tie you to my waistband.”

Alex pulled her into his arms and kissed her ferociously. Then, it got out of hand as he pressed against her right away.

In the past month, Alex discovered that Luna had quite a perverted potential. According to the jargon, she was an ‘M’. The rougher Alex treated her or even used violence on her, the more she would enjoy it. She also liked to listen to Alex scolding her at that time.‘

Their final ‘fight’ would be the best souvenir for Spiritual Valley City!

The portal to exit the city was different from the one they had used to enter it. Both portals were one-way, so if the portal to exit didn’t open, Alex and the others wouldn’t be able to get out.


When they left, they found that they were still on the previous tree branch.

Alex, Luna, as well as Old Whitey had come out to find all the people from Floral Valley waiting for them!

When the people from Floral Valley entered, there were eighteen of them. Now, there were only eleven of them who got out, and seven people died. When everyone learned of this outcome, a sad look appeared on their faces. More importantly, the people from Floral Valley hadn’t gained anything from their venture inside, indicating that those seven people had died in vain.

“Mr. Rockefeller!”

When Alcina saw Alex coming out, she walked over with a box in hand. “This is the Formation Board that I promised before. There is a defect in it, but I hope it will be useful to you, Mr. Rockefeller.”

The Formation Board was brought over by the people from Floral Valley.

“Many thanks!”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Rockefeller. The seven disciples of our Floral Valley will remain forever in Spiritual Valley Dungeon. I still have to return to Floral Valley to take care of their funerals. So, this is where we part!”

When Alcina said this, she suddenly recalled something. “By the way, Mr. Rockefeller. My disciple once mentioned that your wife had come to Floral Valley to inquire about your whereabouts… ”

When Alcina said this, she couldn’t help but glance at Luna. Perhaps, she was a little surprised. It turned out that the woman who had stayed in the secret realm with Alex was not his wife.

“Oh? Where is she now?”

“She’s gone back.”

Alex nodded. When he had given Dorothy a call before this, he didn’t mention that he would be away for a month. It was no wonder she would come looking for him.

“Then, goodbye. We’ll meet again in the future!”

“Brother Alex, goodbye!”

The one who said this was Jasmine. The two people’s relationship had become much closer after studying and researching spell formations together in Spiritual Valley Dungeon.

After the people from Floral Valley left, Luna also left.

“Go look for your wife. I also have things to do, so I won’t stay with you anymore! Remember, don’t ever disclose the affair between us to my family. Otherwise, you’ll be in big trouble.”

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Don’t miss me. I’ll come find you when I feel like it.” Luna pulled out the Sky-Devil Zither and strummed on it. As the clear strums of the strings rang out in the air, Luna stepped on the zither sound and soared into the sky. She disappeared right in front of his eyes in the blink of an eye.

Alex smiled helplessly, but he suddenly felt slightly disappointed.

“Old Whitey, it’s only you left now!”

“Do you want to follow me? Or, go look for someone else?”

Old Whitey let out a soft ‘meow’, then jumped onto his shoulder.

Soon after, he left Witch Mountain Range and came to the previous town to give his home a call. Brittany and the others had already known about his situation, so they weren’t too surprised. However, something Brittany said had made Alex rush back overnight.

Something had happened to Bailey’s husband, Charles Carter!

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