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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1630

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1630

However, the flying skeletons came back again. This time, it was not ten or so of them, but hundreds of them, densely packed like locusts scurrying out of the lake, charged at Alex fiercely.


Alex nearly fell off the Seven Blades of Death.

‘I’m going to put up a fight!’

“Old Whitey, just run if you’re afraid. I won’t be able to take care of you!”

Alex threw the long white bone whip to the ground, grabbed the Sword of the Universe and the Breaking Point with his left and right hands respectively. After letting out a roar, he engaged the flying skeletons.


The two extended Dragon Bone Swords were ten meters long. Every where he went, there were broken limbs and broken arms.

Alex killed furiously and bloodily while activating the Mystic Armor to full capacity. The two swords were like meat grinders, no, they were the invincible bone crushers.

But… Old Whitey did not flee.

Instead, it grew bigger again, even ten times larger than before.

Alex had become very petite in front of it. What made Alex more stunned was the fact that the cat demon took out a set of red armor out of nowhere, as if it was tailor-made for it.

After putting it on, it was very formidable!

It jumped directly to the ground and wildly killed the army of skeletons.

Alex felt hot-blooded just by watching it.

Therefore, he jumped down as well and abandoned his Dragon Bone Swords. He used the Brahma’s Supreme Touch and the Dragon-Tusk Punch to fight hand-in-hand and killed the skeletons savagely.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Alex did not notice that as he and Old Whitey killed more skeletons, the surrounding Yin energy was getting denser as it came out of the skeletons’ corpses. However, the Chaos Bead was absorbing this Yin energy quickly.

Luna, who promised to bring Jasmine to wait for Alex at the location of the Dragon Blood Vine, began to rush back when she heard Old Whitey’s roar.

Jasmine did not follow her as she would only become a burden to them.

Luna was worried that Alex might be in danger.

However, when she finally reached the place, she was dumbfounded. ‘That’s the white cat?’


Suddenly, an eerie hissing sound rang out. The sound came from the far end of the large lake. Soon, the red-eyed legion of skeletons immediately retreated like a tide. Except for the corpses all over the ground, the rest rushed into the lake and disappeared.

“Meow!” Old Whitey rushed to the lake and howled toward the sky. The sound was earth-shattering, furious yet sad.

Luna pulled Alex and whispered, “That is the small female cat?”


Alex covered her mouth.

Old Whitey was very strong. Anyway, Alex felt that he was no match for it… It was quite embarrassing to say that the dignified inheritor of the Ultimate Book of Medicine could not fight against a cat.

However, that was also the truth.

Luna stuck out her tongue and licked Alex’s palm. Her turning eyeballs were seducing him.

As Alex felt an impulse in his mind, he cupped her face and kissed her on her lips. He quickly dominated her teeth and frantically claimed his reward.

Bloody battles and pretty ladies had always been men’s honor.

A man needed a woman’s gentleness and femininity to soothe and fill the hostility after a bloody battle. Even he needed to let off some steam and used up the excessive power.

At first, Alex just wanted to kiss her for a while, but Luna took the initiative and pinned Alex on the battlefield covered with bones.

Alex instantly felt the woman’s surge of emotions, so he stared at her face, “Are you crazy?”

Luna said, “There is a saying that men conquer the world with power, and women capture the world by conquering men.”

“How are you going to conquer me?”

“With love!”

“I can’t sense your love for me at all.”

“I’m using a verb.”


Sure enough, she was a witch!

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