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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1617

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1617


Alex felt an extremely pressuring force on his body as soon as he entered. It felt similar to when they were passing the water-like door in Caesar’s tomb, but it also seemed more complicated than that. He felt as if his body had fallen into a blender, where his entire body was being squeezed tightly by some hard substance. It was just way too suffocating.

As soon as he hopped in, Alex tried releasing his spiritual conscience to feel the power of space within this transportation circle. However, his little spiritual conscience was crushed brutally the second after he released it.

‘Looks like my powers are still not strong enough!’

Within one breath, Alex’s body felt light as he passed through the teleportation circle, landing on the ground safely.

What met his eyes was an insanely large head.

It was a head carved out of stone, which was as large as a building, laying on its side. Standing before this statue made him feel like he was a tiny mouse in front of a large elephant. Even the eyes were ten times bigger than his size.

Just as he was still in shock, Luna and Jasmine emerged as well.

Luna let out a sigh of relief. Jasmine, on the other hand, was experienced in this.

When she noticed Alex’s expression, she explained. “This is the goddess’ statue, the head is over here while her body is over there. It’s very huge and no one knows who carved it. It’s an ancient statue after all.”

Luna took a few steps back and looked at the statue again. “It’s a woman?”

Jasmine nodded. “Yep, we Floral Valley have researched this statue before, we assume that this is the statue of the goddess to the natives who live here in Spiritual Valley Dungeon. It’s called the Guardian Goddess, so it’s probably the goddess that they used to worship. The natives here probably worshipped nature a lot.”

Alex asked. “Where are the natives now? Are there any other people here?”

Jasmine shook her head. “We haven’t seen anyone else, so I guess they migrated. Just look at the statue, it looks ancient. My master said that it had existed for at least thousands of years. So it’s probably a relic from the Stone Age.”

Alex decided to make a sarcastic remark. “If we can somehow bring this out of here, it would surely be sold for a great price.”

Luna rolled her eyes. “Is money all you think about, huh?”

Alex smiled and scanned his surroundings, only then did he realise that this was a city in the mountains.

They were surrounded by ranges and ranges of mountains, and the city was surprisingly large, where there were tall buildings everywhere they went. However, all these buildings have crumbled to the ground, so now it just looked like ruins. Everything

looked gloomy and messy, and there were large patches of tall grass all over the place. The houses, buildings and walls were covered in unknown foliage.

As Alex continued to observe all of this with shock, he was able to imagine just how beautiful this place used to be.

Luna praised. “Now I’d really like to see just how beautiful it was when this place was at its peak.”

Just as they were speaking to each other, Alcina came by with a group of her disciples as well.

Since Alex had given her another seven tokens right before heading in, she had to reconsider which disciples she was bringing in, so that took up some time.

Although this place was dangerous with all the demons and beasts around, it had rich natural resources and an abundance of spiritual Chi. Taking a breath here was almost equivalent to taking a hundred breaths outside.

“Mr. Rockefeller, there are some strong wild animals within the dungeon, there’s even monsters too, so some places can be very dangerous. The elders of Floral Valley and Hygieia Valley have paved a few ways for us. I have a map here that you can refer to.”

Alcina handed Alex a hand-drawn map. Not only were there signs and directions, it notified any dangers along the path as well.

A while ago, Alcina didn’t mention any of this, she probably only wanted to repay Alex for giving her another seven tokens.

‘This old lady sure is calculative!’ Although he was thinking of that, Alex obviously didn’t say it out loud. Instead he thanked her lightly and asked Jasmine, “Where do we go if I’d like to find Dragon Blood Vines?”

Jasmine pointed towards the west.

Alex nodded then turned to Alcina. “Master Bela, which path will you guys be taking?”

Alcina replied. “We have to take the one Hygieia Valley uses normally to find those. I vaguely remember that Dominique moved the vines to a canyon somewhere, I think it’s around this area.”

She then pointed to an area on Alex’s map.

“But we’re going to take the road we Floral Valley usually use, there are resting stands that we set up along the way. But I’m not sure if there’s any along the Hygieia Valley one.”

After saying this, Alcina proceeded to warn Jasmine to be careful.

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