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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1606

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1606

Everyone from Floral Valley was startled too.

“Herschel Lancaster, are you mad?” Alcina Bela shouted angrily.

“Hahahaha!” After Herschel Lancaster started killing, he became elated. “President Bela, don’t be angry because it’s pointless! This world no longer needs Floral Valley. The world only needs to know about Hygieia Valley.”

While Herschel spoke, he continued to attack his opponents. In the blink of an eye, he killed five more Floral Valley disciples.

As a Nascent Soul expert, killing the weak women from Floral Valley was practically like killing chickens.


“Kill! Kill him!” Alcina yelled furiously.

In the next second, everyone from Floral Valley drew out their weapons and surrounded Herschel while attacking him frantically.

“Are you trying to kill me? You’re all too weak!” Herschel sniggered. He was almost like a tiger that had barged into a herd of sheep.

Herschel was able to kill three people with a single punch, and he sent another eight flying with his kick.

Even Alcina was stunned. Based on her impression of Herschel, his martial arts shouldn’t be this powerful, and she could’ve killed him with a single strike. However, Herschel’s cultivation had now far exceeded her imagination.

In the blink of an eye, over ten people were killed.

At first, Alex Rockefeller and Luna Flores wanted to help Floral Valley’s people by distracting Herschel and carrying out a sneak attack against him. But now, they were both a little intimidated.

This battle was on a completely different level. It was a one-sided massacre.

Even Alcina, the president of Floral Valley, couldn’t do anything to Herschel. His palm strike had nearly killed her!

“No, we can’t keep waiting! If we wait any longer, everyone from Floral Valley will be dead!” Alex couldn’t hold back anymore.

He was too outraged.

Yesterday, Herschel left a good impression on Alex, who didn’t expect him to be such a cruel person.

“Thousand Sword Tactics, attack him all at once!” Alex summoned Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six to form a sword formation before charging toward Herschel.

‘Hmm?’ Herschel could sense something in his heart. He instantly dodged to the side.

At the same time, he could see Alex attacking him. However, he didn’t expect that Alex could control the direction of his Thousand Sword Tactics. The sword formation made a turn further ahead before dashing toward Herschel at lightning speed.

“Kid, you weren’t supposed to get involved in this hellish affair!” Herschel yelled.


Herschel’s Chi energy skyrocketed, and he struck his palm mercilessly against Alex’s flying swords.

With that, Alex’s Dragon’s Bane of Thirty-Six became three swords once more and dropped to the ground.

Now, Alex finally understood how terrifying a Nascent Soul expert could be. Although Alex had already achieved Core Formation, he could barely escape a Nascent Soul expert’s attack.

Meanwhile, Luna had also joined the fight. Her Sky-Devil Zither made a clanging demonic sound. On the one hand, the sound invaded Herschel’s mind. On the other, it turned into sonic arcs that fused with her Demonic Chi before being directed toward Herschel.

“Master, they’re here to help us,” the Floral Valley thief quickly shouted at Alcina. “Not only does Hygieia Valley want to overtake Spiritual Valley Dungeon on their own, but they want to annihilate Floral Valley,” she added.

“Everyone, let’s surround him in a circle and kill him!” Alcina shouted.

Although Herschel was powerful, he still felt pressured when he faced so many people together. Alex, especially, was a tank who actually didn’t die after being struck a few times by Herschel.

However, in the next moment, people from Hygieia Valley also rushed over to help Herschel.

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