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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1597

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1597

When Alex Rockefeller acquired the Legacy of the Ultimate Book of Medicine, he already knew about the existence of the Lightning Tribulation.

This was a path that every cultivator had to go through. Anyone who wanted to get past Divine Transcendence and arrive at Core Formation needed to experience the Lightning Tribulation once. This was a rule of the Path of God, and it was a test for cultivators. Those who couldn’t get through the Lightning Tribulation would end up losing everything.

Meanwhile, those who managed to get through the Lightning Tribulation would acquire the Golden Light of Lightning Tribulation. Not only did the Golden Light of Lightning Tribulation have a healing effect, but it also helped in one’s cultivation.

In reality, Alex had also planned to prepare some stuff for his tribulation. For example, he wanted to prepare some defensive magical treasures that could assist him in the tribulation. However, his plan fell behind the changes he experienced. Before he was even ready, he had a breakthrough in his cultivation after sleeping with Luna Flores. Unable to suppress his cultivation, the Lightning Tribulation was triggered.

But something wasn’t right!

‘Core Formation’s Lightning Tribulation should have nine separate Lightning Tribulations!’

‘I only experienced one. How did I get through it all directly? Even if this was a cheat, this shouldn’t have been the case, right?’

‘Could it be… The Chaos Bead taking effect?’

Alex thought about what Yuno once told him. He said that the Chaos Bead could protect one from heavenly tribulations. The Lightning Tribulation was also considered one type of heavenly tribulation. In that case, the remaining eight Lightning Tribulations were possibly avoided because of the Chaos Bead.

Clearly, Luna was no stranger to the Lightning Tribulation. “Why did you only have one Lightning Tribulation?” She looked at Alex and asked.

Naturally, Alex wouldn’t tell her about the Chaos Bead. Even if the two of them had sex, she probably wouldn’t take it too seriously based on this demonic woman’s personality. In fact, she might even have secretly wanted to kill him!

“It’s probably because you’re a demonic cultivator! You have affected my Lightning Tribulation,” Alex said.

Luna frowned.

She was a demonic cultivator, and she also had Lightning Tribulations. Moreover, her Lightning Tribulations were even scarier than what ordinary cultivators experienced. Logically speaking, if Alex’s Lightning Tribulation were affected by her, it would’ve

been even more ferocious. However, he managed to get past it in a single attempt, and the Golden Light of Lightning Tribulation descended upon him.

Nothing could explain this.

“Also, I didn’t do that on purpose earlier. Your demonic cultivation affected my consciousness. Hence, don’t expect me to take any responsibility!” When Alex said this, he felt like a b*stard.

Luna laughed coldly before jumping to her feet.

The Golden Light of Lightning Tribulation’s healing effect was shockingly good. As long as one was still alive, one would be able to recover fully.

Hence, very few cultivators got sick after achieving Core Formation.

“Hahaha!” Luna started laughing loudly.

“Responsibility? That’s truly funny. Do you think I’m a stupid woman like that? You raped me. I’d only want you to take responsibility if I’m brain-dead!”

“Your Golden Light of Lightning Tribulation saved my life. We‘re even now!”

“However, the two things that you owe me have not changed,” Luna said after a pause.

Alex shrugged. He quickly picked up his clothes from the ground and put them on one at a time.

Fortunately, he took off his clothes when he battled against Luna. Otherwise, all his clothes would’ve been burned to ashes. All sorts of pills in his fanny pack would’ve all gone to waste.

“What about mine?” Luna asked.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Clothes!” she yelled.

Her clothes had been torn apart long ago.

When she came with him, she didn’t bring any clothes to change into. Now, she was completely naked. It seemed very awkward.

Alex happened to have an extra set of clothes in his fanny pack.

“Do you want mine?” Alex asked.

“Give it to me!”

Alex tossed some clothes over to Luna. After that, he looked at the grilled fish on the bonfire. After such a long period had elapsed, it was completely burned!

However, the hunger pangs felt horrible. He had no choice but to catch more fish. Alex would clean his body up while he was at it. His entire body was covered in sweat and blood. He couldn’t even tell whose sweat and blood it was.

After an hour, Alex grilled two fish. He came rather fully prepared, and he even brought salt with him. After that, he gathered some wild herbs to add to the mix.

The fish he grilled turned out very delicious.

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