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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1587

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1587

Luna did not chase after them but watched the people flee helter-skelter.

Alex, who was controlling the Sword of the Universe, stood still. He stared daggers at Luna and said, “Why didn’t you go after them?”

“Huh? Are you trying to drive me away? So that you both can act lovey-dovey here, right?” Luna sneered. “You’re the one who picked up the girl, not me. You should be chasing after them instead!”

When did Alex pick up a girl?

However, he said before that he wanted to seek justice for Miss Nanami Shochiku. Naturally, it could not be just all talk. He immediately said, “Alright, I’ll go. You help me to take care of Miss Nanami for a while.”

“I’m not free. Take care of her yourself.”

Alex did not even know why she got so angry. Hearing that, he could only take Miss Nanami and jump onto the pleasure boat first. Only then did he chase after those people.

However, he was held back by Nanami Shochiku.

“Alex, don’t go after them!”

“Why? Don’t you hate them? You almost died in their hands,” Alex said.

Shochiku said, “They’re all my fellow disciples. Even if they deserve to die, it’s just one or two people. Third Senior has a huge influence in the sect, and she’s the granddaughter of the grand elder. Those people only colluded with her because they had no way to resist her. In fact, they’re not ill-natured.”

Alex said, “But, I don’t think that they’re not ill-natured.”

Hearing the disgusting words when they wanted to make advances at Luna earlier, they were definitely not good people.

However, after being delayed by Shochiku, it was too late, even if Alex wanted to chase after them. Even so, it did not matter. He happened to be going on a trip to Hygieia Valley. It was not too late to settle the accounts when he got there later.

Moreover, now that he had Shochiku to lead the way, it should be easier to head to Hygieia Valley and seek the medicine.

“Alex, why did you come here?” Shochiku asked curiously, “Beyond here is where the mountain gate of Hygieia Valley is located, but very few outsiders know this place.”

Alex said with a smile, “I’m here to seek the medicine from your Hygieia Valley. At first, I was still worried that I wouldn’t be able to find the mountain gate. With you here now, it’s great.”

Of course, Shochiku was very angry deep down.

Third Senior and a few fellow disciples actually wanted to murder her and even defile her. If it were anyone else, they would not feel happy as well. She must tell her master about this.


Shochiku’s injury was still quite severe, especially the flesh on her face was split open by the few whips. If the wounds were not treated in time, scars would stay when they healed to a certain extent.

Sure enough, the scar could be treated at a later time as well. However, that would be a bit troublesome.

Hence, on the pleasure boat, not only did Alex give Shochiku a healing pill, but he even activated the Zharvakko talisman of the Ultimate Book of Medicine to help heal the wound on her face quickly.

Half an hour later, Shochiku was amazed when she saw her healed face in front of a mirror on the pleasure boat.

“Unexpectedly, your medical skills are so amazing. It’s no wonder that Captain Melvis respects you so much, saying that your achievements in medicine far surpass the ordinary people’s! At the time, I wasn’t quite convinced. Now, I’m speechless,” Shochiku said with total admiration.

She was a traditional doctor who was known as the apothecary in Hygieia Valley. Hence, she had a greater understanding of skilled medical practitioners.

Alex looked at her. “Miss Nanami, is your terminal illness related to your blood?

Shochiku’s expression darkened as she nodded. “My blood is different from the others. Its viscosity is particularly high. As time goes by, it’d be increasingly higher. It’ll completely freeze until a certain day! This is an inevitable family disease. I’m not the only one with this condition, but my mother and grandmother were the same too. They did not live past thirty years old.”

As she spoke, she let out a sigh. “I probably won’t be able to live past thirty years old!”

Alex ruminated over it.

Alex seemed to have seen such a disease before.

However, he could not remember it for a while, and he needed to think about it properly, so he said, “Don’t be discouraged. Maybe I can save you, but I need a little bit of time to study it! Well, after this incident is over, you return to California. I’ll introduce you to someone. She’s the real Immortal Doctor. We’ll think of a way when the time comes. The success rate will be even greater.”

“The real Immortal Doctor? A descendant of the Immortal Doctor, Guilherme Extraordinaire?”

“It’s Guilherme Extraordinaire himself. ”


Shochiku was extremely shocked.

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