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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1581

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1581

On the expressway. There was a top-level Ferrari sports car. The sports car was fast, and it overtook countless cars.

Alex looked at the dashboard, which showed a speed of up to three hundred and thirty yards. He quietly laid the Mystic Armor all over his body. He heard that a Ferrari would smash into pieces after a crash. At this speed, he also panicked a little… The main reason was that the driver was not him, but Luna.

Seeing her maintaining this speed while still looking around at the scenery, Alex had the urge to press his hand against her eyes.

“Ahem, did you notice that the scenery along the expressway is also quite beautiful? You do not need to drive so fast. We are not in a hurry.” Alex said.

“I am in a hurry,” Luna replied.

Then, Alex did not say anything anymore.

Luna and Freya’s characters were completely different. Although Alex and Freya did not get along well when they met for the first time due to a conflict, they did patch up. Alex found that she was a pretty enthusiastic girl and well behaved. When he needed Freya, she would take the initiative to step forward and rise to the occasion.

For example, while they were exploring the tomb, many times, Freya took the initiative to step up despite the danger.

As for Luna, Alex had no control. Her behavior was not normal. It was profound and mysterious.

However, Alex was also probably aware that she and Freya were not blood sisters. Freya was from the Exorcist Dragons race. Luna addressed Freya as sister-in-law, so she was actually Freya’s cousin.

After the three hours journey. The sports car got off the highway and was diverted to the east.

Luna kept driving into a county surrounded by big mountains.

Alex found out through the navigator that this was nearly a thousand kilometers from California. They had arrived at this side of the Witch Mountain Range, and the low chassis of the Ferrari ended their drive to the county midway.

Beyond here were uneven mountain roads.

“You shouldn’t have driven here in a sports car. Well, it’s impossible to cross now, right?” Alex shrugged and said, ”You might as well drive a broken Santana.”

Luna hummed. “I didn’t tell you that I will drive the car to the mountain, right?”

Alex said, “Okay, I’ll go find a car with a high chassis.”

Luna parked the car and got out. “No, we’ll use the waterway. ”

Five minutes later, the two of them arrived at a riverside. However, the river was empty. There was not a boat.

”There’s no boat you’re not planning to swim across, are you?”

Of course, with the cultivation of the two of them, it was not a problem at all to run across the waves. However, it would be very tiring!

Moreover, this place looked very far from Hygieia Valley.


Luna kicked off a dead tree at the riverbank and picked it up with her toes, kicking it into the river.

“Isn’t it there?”

The next second, she flew up into the air and gently landed on the dead tree in the river.

”Are you coming along?”

Alex stomped with his foot, elevated his body, and landed heavily on the deadwood.

In fact, Alex did not know what feather walk was. To be like Martiny, who stepped on the melon shell, was impossible for him to do, he could run on the surface of the water because he relied on the speed after the lightning infusion…So, after he stepped on the deadwood, the wood sank violently.

Luna did not expect this to happen.

Both of her feet were submerged in water, and the wood rolled. She hurriedly leaped and jumped back to the shore to not fall into the water.

“Are you so stupid?” She frowned as she looked at her wet shoes.

Alex hurriedly summoned the Sword of the Universe to hold himself steadily.

“Sorry, I can’t feather walk. I thought your boat was quite stable.”

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