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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1580

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1580

Alex threw the Hell Fish back into the pond before asking, “Is Captain Sky still around?”

Maya replied to him, “He already left a long time ago. Did you expect him to stay the night?”

Alex hummed in response, then took out the Spiritual Demon Pills and divided it among Waltz, Maya, and Holly, giving them ten pieces each. “These pills are ten times stronger than the Blood Energy Pill. Take it easy when you consume them, and it would be good for you to train together. I’m going to the Divine Constabulary to look for Captain Sky.”

Looking for Sky wasn’t his purpose. In actuality, he wanted to look for Shochiku. For Alex remembered that Shochiku was from Hygieia Valley.

Sky knew that Alex had succeeded in refining the Energy Recovery Pill, so he was naturally elated. When Alex pulled out three pills, his heart was not prepared. “Why are there three? Did you successfully refine these pills from the three portions of materials I gave you?”

It was something a person who didn’t know alchemy would say.

Alex had used the materials Sky had given him to refine eighteen Energy Recovery Pills, and taking out three from the total amount was just a trifle matter. Obviously, Alex had kept most of it due to greed, yet he was also receiving a great deal of appreciation for it… This was why it was just awesome to be an alchemist master.

Alex replied, “Your energy core has been injured for a long time, and one pill may not be enough to repair everything. With three Energy Recovery Pills in hand, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Sky’s eyes were wide with excitement. “Brother Alex, it’s my greatest honor and privilege to know you. From now on, we’re sworn brothers.”

“Why are you so reserved with your family?” Alex felt a little embarrassed. “By the way, has Miss Nanami come back recently, Captain Sky? I have something that I need to ask for help from her.”

Sky said regretfully, “Speaking of which, I am a little worried about Miss Nanami. After she returned to Hygieia Valley, we lost contact with her! But, I don’t know anyone else in Hygieia Valley that I can contact, so I can’t be sure if she has reached Hygieia Valley or not.”

When Alex heard that, he could only sigh. “Take the medicine. I’ll look for Anna to talk to!”

Just as he said that, he caught sight of Anna Coleman.

The woman had been eagerly waiting for Alex to come out of the captain’s office. The moment she saw him, she rushed toward him and wrapped both arms around Alex like a snake. “Master, why have you only come now? Do you know how long it has been since you’ve come to see me? You said you’d teach me new martial arts, but then you forgot about me.”

Her chest pressed heavily onto Alex’s chest, and it made him stiffen up.

He quietly sneaked a glance and found that her breast had somehow gotten a bit bigger.

Women really were unreasonable specialties. How could they still continue to develop at this age?

He shifted his gaze away and untangled himself. “Aren’t I back now?”

Alex grabbed two pieces of A4 paper that had some words on them, as well as a picture. The content seemed simple enough to understand.

“What is this?”

“This is a mindmap for you. You can treat it as a cultivation method to strengthen your inner energy,” Alex replied. “Even though you’ve modified the Dragon Tusk Punch last time, it wasn’t much of a big change. With this cultivation method, you should be able to change your bones completely, and this.”

He threw another bottle of pills at her. “Here are thirty Blood Energy Pills. Take one every other day until you finish it.”

Now that he has reached Half-Stepped Core Formation, the Blood Energy Pill was practically useless to him. Even if Waltz took it, it wouldn’t give any benefit to her at all.

It was only appropriate to give it to Anna.

“Thank you, Master!”


Anna planted a kiss on Alex’s lips.

It just so happened that Ted Summers was passing by and saw this scene.

“Oh my, so it turns out that you don’t like women, Anna!”

“Get lost!”

“Okay, I’m going, I’m going now! Carry on, you two. I’ll stand guard at the door and not let anyone else come in to see that.”

Of the people that could have seen this scene, it had to be Anna’s teammate. For an instant, her face was flushed to the tip of her ears from embarrassment.

Alex glared at her. “Be careful next time, don’t be like this again.”

Anna lowered her head. “Alright, I’ll be more careful next time.”

“Be careful of what?”

“Be careful not to be seen.”

“Huh?? Train hard for me, and I’ll introduce you to a boyfriend next time! You’re no longer a child, after all!”

When Anna heard that, she turned pale. She was entirely sincere with her feelings toward Alex, yet he didn’t understand her heart at all!


Two days passed quickly.

On the third day, Luna came knocking on his door. Then, she and Alex headed off to Hygieia Valley.

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