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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1578

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1578

Some said, since the success rate is 50%, then shouldn’t preparing two times the materials be enough? Why three?

The last portion was, of course, the reward for the alchemist

Therefore, through the ages, successful alchemy masters have never been short of money, and they were all rich. However, the problem was that the alchemy industry was a scarce one, and 99% of alchemy apprentices would stop before becoming fully qualified.

All due to poverty!

Refining pills in alchemy was not as simple as putting medicinal materials together, boiling it a little, and doing just it like that.

It was a complicated and meticulous process, which required the alchemist to put in a lot of effort and hard work, and countless experiments and failures to achieve it! There are thousands upon thousands of medicinal materials globally, and each of them had different properties.

Starting from becoming an alchemist, the resources required to go through this process were unimaginable. If Alex hadn’t inherited his ancestors’ inheritance, he couldn’t become an alchemist.

This was a huge jackpot.


The furnace was opened.

Inside, Alex had refined five Energy Recovery Pills. The utilization rate of the materials had reached an astonishing 50%.

Then, in a spurt of energy, Alex smelted out the remaining portions of the materials.

Without a dedicated storage device to keep the materials, the medicinal properties of the materials would gradually lose their effect over time. For such rare materials, it was considered a colossal waste. There were six pills in the second furnace, and the utilization rate of the materials was 60%.

There were seven pills in the third furnace, and the utilization rate of the materials was 70%.

Alex was stunned. The utilization rate was just too astonishing.

Previously, he could only make one pill per furnace, and the utilization rate was only about 10%.

‘This… Is the bonus of having the Divine Eyes! With the Divine Eyes, I can clearly see the various situations inside the furnace itself, and I can control the heat accurately, and that’s the key to success!’

At the same time, he also noticed one of the furnaces that had a missing stand. As he was refining the pills inside it, he could see the movements of the formation inside, gatherin g and absorbing spirits… An idea popped into his mind, a kind of enlightenment.

Spirit Gathering Array!

Nowadays, cities are becoming more and more modern. The spiritual energies were also getting lesser, and when he went down to Caesar’s tomb, he realized that the amount of spiritual energy in there was way more than what was found in the cities. Taking a breath in the tomb was like taking ten breaths in the outside world, and because of this, the increase in his
cultivation base was also ten times more.

If he set up a Spirit Gathering Array at home to gather all the spiritual energy nearby, wouldn’t it become a sacred place?

There was a mountain behind Rockefeller Manor.

On the other side of the mountain was Moonlight Lake. This was a feasible thing to do!

Alex got more excited the more he thought about it, and he wanted to try setting up the formation immediately.

However, he quickly thought… No, the formation he needed to make would require many materials and a Formation Board. A Formation Board was a kind of mystical tool, and the formation pattern would be engraved on the spiritual items like spiritual jade, stones, wood that would be used to power the formation.

However, he didn’t have many good jades in his hand now. Spiritual stones were even more of a rarity.

Spiritual wood… The only spiritual wood that he had seen last time was the Ancient Thunderclap Wood, which the Chaos Bead had swallowed.

He could only keep this matter to the side for now.

Next, he pulled out the demon core that he had dug out from the Hell Fish previously and began to pair it up with the medicinal materials on hand to refine it into a Spiritual Demon Pill.

A Spiritual Demon Pill was a fourth-grade pill, which was the same level as a Rejuvenating Pill.

This was more difficult than refining an Energy Recovery Pill, and this was the first time he was doing it. This time, it took a full eight hours to refine the pill in the furnace successfully.

As for the remaining few demon cores left, he didn’t want to refine anymore. He was tired.

When Alex came out, it was already dawn.

As soon as he appeared, he bumped into Winniefred, who was shouting excitedly. “Daddy, daddy! The fish! The fish is out and is swimming from the egg.”

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