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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1577

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1577

Alex only learned about the overwhelming news and information the next day. Obviously, he didn’t care very much for it.

To him, it was just his daily life and a fact. Most of the people on his side knew about these, and whether the ordinary people knew about it or not didn’t matter.

He returned to California the next day with Brittany. Luna was an extra person that tagged along with them.

Hygieia Valley was a bit far from Alaska, but it was pretty close to California. If they wanted to look for Dragon Blood Vine, it was easier to start the journey from California.

As for Martiny, she seemed to be particularly concerned about the information about the Witch Cult.

Freya and her mother went off to follow the trail of the Witch Cult after getting some information from Alex. As for Alex, he couldn’t just drop everything to help Freya in that matter, as he still needed to go to Hygieia Valley. He requested Martiny, and that was to help him collect as many things related to the formation patterns as possible.


After arriving in California, Luna left them first.

She said that she would give Alex two days before they set off for Hygieia Valley. After finding out that Brittany was back to normal, Waltz and Maya also rushed back.

This time, even the Assex family came over. It was pretty lively.

Brittany’s spirit and mood was lifted, and she bought a huge amount of ingredients, and everyone made some tarts as a family.

To Alex, this was a rarity.

When William was still around, Brittany had been busy. Where did she have the time to make tarts? Didn’t the nanny make ones that were nice enough? When William had the accident, Brittany got even busier. From the time she had woken up half a year ago, it felt like she hadn’t cooked a single meal.

There were many types of tarts. Vegetarian, meat, caramel, and all kinds of fruits.

In fact, the ones making the tarts around the table were the ones who didn’t know how to cook. As for Alex, who was usually the chef, he didn’t participate. The tarts they made were uneven and not the prettiest, but…

That was where the fun was, wasn’t it?

Only, there seemed to be a strange atmosphere between the several women.

The Assex siblings seemed to be isolated by Waltz and the others. They were divided into two distinct factions.

Perhaps in the eyes of Waltz and the others, Dorothy wasn’t a good match for Alex because she was an ordinary person, and the two came from different worlds.

However, if they knew that this ‘ordinary person’ was Aunt Rockefeller, whom they obeyed the words of and were even a little afraid of, how would they feel?

Everyone was eating the tarts when someone walked in.

“Brother Alex!”

It was Sky Melvis, captain of California’s Divine Constabulary.

Before Sky came, he had already given Alex a call. He had a big box in his arms, which contained the alchemy materials that he had collected. He had gathered all the medicinal material needed to be used to restore his energy core and had asked Alex to help refine a pull called the Energy Recovery Pill.

In addition, Alex had also asked him to help purchase a batch of more commonly used medical material to refine the spiritual demon pill.

He had arrived just in time, as they had just had their fill of tarts.

They carried the medicinal materials and headed to refine the pills.

The alchemy furnace that had been in the Villa’s basement had already been taken back by Alex.

The Energy Recovery Pill could repair damaged energy cores. In terms of grade, this pill was considered to be second grade.

First grade was the lowest, while ninth grade was the highest

Therefore, it wasn’t difficult to refine this kind of pill. Alex could refine this pill even before he obtained the sight of his Divine Eye and even before he cultivated his spiritual consciousness. Now with the help of these two abilities, it became even easier to refine. He refined, fused, condensed, and divided the pill all in one go.

Sky had brought over quite a few materials, and the amount of it was enough to make three furnaces full of Energy Recovery Pill…

Of course, this had also been Alex’s request. According to the rules of alchemy in the cultivation world, three times the materials were required to make a furnace of pills. In other words, if someone were to ask an alchemist to help refine a pill, they needed to give the alchemist three times the amount of the materials to be used because there was no guarantee that the alchemist would be 100% successful. On the contrary, refining pills had a high failure rate.

50% success rate was the norm

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