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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1570

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1570

Brayden Lomax was still holding Justin Melvis in his hands. He looked at the ruined villa and laughed loudly. “I really didn’t expect that Geronimo’s grandchildren would have such a character among them! What a pity, all of you, Melvis, are blind! You’ve personally driven a real talent away and even taken my son’s life!”

Brayden’s words made many people from the Melvis family feel extremely ashamed as well as regretful. When they thought about how naturally defying Alex’s skills had been, and now he even had connections to the people of Mayerridge, he would be a giant among men in the future. Furthermore, he was a brilliant doctor that could even cure cancer. In Brittany’s hands, there was a super famous cosmetic company, Lush Cosmetics…

However, now, they were all unrelated to the Melvis family.

Lexia said, “Brayden, I only have one grandson. The one responsible for Troy’s death should be his girlfriend, as well as Freya. Although my grandson has concealed the facts, he isn’t guilty of death, right? If you kill him, Geronimo will definitely not let you off. Why don’t we talk about it? What compensation do you want?”

Brayden’s eyes were fierce. “I want his life. What are you going to do about it?”

At this moment, an old man walked out from among the disciples of the Lomax family and whispered a few things into Brayden’s ears. Brayden was startled, then he said, “Fine! I’m fine with not killing him, but I want two things from the Melvis family…”


When they walked out of the Melvis family compound, Alex was stopped by a woman’s call. It was the young woman who had taken out the video before.

She walked over and went down on her knees with a ‘thud’ in front of Alex. “Mr. Alex!”

Alex felt it was strange previously. This young woman had been willing to take out the video. Wasn’t she afraid of being spurned by her peers? Not only did the video have the entire process of the confrontation, there were also faces of several rich second generations in there. The consequences of her doing so were equivalent to offending every single person in that video.

“You have something to ask of me?” Alex suddenly understood.

The young woman said, “I do, please, save my father, Mr. Alex!”

“What happened to your father?”

“My father just had a check-up and found out that he has cancer. I heard that you have superb medical skills, Mr. Alex. And you even cured Uncle Nickolas, who was suffering from advanced stages of terminal cancer. So, no matter what, please, I’m begging you to save my father. I’m willing to do anything you ask.”

Freya snorted coldly. “You’re quite the opportunist!”

The woman bowed her head even lower and apologized. Her head hit the ground, and even her forehead was now bleeding.

Alex waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. You brought out the video, which is considered to have helped me once.”

He pulled out a rejuvenation pill and then thought about it for a while before taking out a knife and cutting it in half.

This was the last pill he had on him. He gave half of it to the young woman.

“This half will be enough to save your father’s life! Now, we no longer owe each other!”

The young woman was stunned for a moment. She hadn’t expected the treatment for cancer to be so simple.

It was Luna who said in surprise, “A rejuvenation pull? It can save a person from the brink of death, whether flesh or bones and extend life by ten years. Using this pill to cure cancer, you’re really rich and over breathing. Do you still have any? Give me one.”

Alex said, “This was the last one. I’ll give you this half, then!”

Luna took it, then glanced at his pouch and said, “I won’t take it for nothing. Take this talisman as an exchange.”

She grabbed a piece of talisman and slapped it on Alex’s forehead.


In an instant, Alex felt his body had been bound by something. He couldn’t move an inch. The small talisman had such a powerful binding spell on it.

Alex’s heart sank.

He didn’t feel any negative emotions toward this Luna and felt that although this woman was a little evil, she was beautiful, but… She was thorny!

Alex’s spiritual powers surged up fiercely, and he was about to break the bonds by force…

Then, Luna took off the talisman and said with a bright smile, “Don’t panic, I was just letting you try out the power of this talisman. Otherwise, I’m afraid you would say I was taking advantage of you! This is called the Divine Fetter Talisman, and it can be used three times. I’ve just used it once on you, and there are still two times. Is it enough as repayment for half the

rejuvenation pill?”

Alex was dumbfounded.

A talisman that could only be used three times, and she used it once directly on his forehead. Was she some spendthrift?

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