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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1568

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1568

In the next ten seconds, more people threw up blood, and some even fell to the ground, unknown whether they were alive or dead.

Alex suddenly walked over and pressed down on the zither strings with his hand.


The sound of zither stopped abruptly.

Luna glanced coldly at Alex. “Who allowed you to touch my Sky-Devil Zither?”

She curled her finger, and one of the strings vibrated violently.


It hit Alex’s hand.

Alex pulled back his hand quickly from the pain, shaking his hand behind his back a couple of times as he said, “There’s a lot of people here who had been kept in the dark and deceived. Most of them are not guilty of any crime that deserves death.”

“You’re someone who tries to be on good terms with everyone.” Luna snorted, but she kept away her zither.

“Get lost!”

In the blink of an eye, the Melvis family compound that had been overcrowded with people suddenly receded like a tide.

Countless people regretted their actions. Wasn’t it better to have just stayed at home, watch some TV, or surf the net?

Instead, they had decided to be here to dig their graves.

That was the Sky-Devil Zither. Then, that woman must be the Old Moon Devil, right?

The guests who all came to attend the Melvis family banquet ran away. They needed to run and get away even if they were still
coughing up blood while doing so!

Brayden didn’t leave. His gaze was fixed upon Nathaniel Swartz and Justin Melvis. The Lomax family couldn’t deal with Alex and Freya, but these two had been using the Lomax family since the beginning. First, they had used Troy, and after Troy died, they used Brayden!

“Hahahaha!” Brayden laughed widely. “Great! Very good! As expected of Geronimo Melvis’ grandson! Using tricks and conspiring like this, making a fool out of me, Brayden Lomax. Killing my son and almost killing my entire Lomax family! I’m such a fool!”

He waved his hand!

Justin was in his hands the next moment.

Alex had long since withdrawn the mind control he had over Justin, and Justin was completely sober and aware at this time. His face was filled with terror, and he was just about to pee his pants from fright. “U-U-Uncle… Uncle Brayden, no, it has nothing to do with me… It was Nathaniel. Everything was his idea! Nathaniel was also the one who called Troy over. If you want revenge, go for Nathaniel!”

Nathaniel sneered at Justin. “Justin Melvis, you’re a f*cking joke. Troy can’t accept my invitation because you’re from the Melvis family that he gave you some face. You want to pin the blame onto me…”

The two brothers were throwing each other under the bus in a life or death situation!

Alex suddenly felt his interest waning.

It had been supposed to be a banquet for the Melvis family, and now it had descended into a chaotic mess. He helped Brittanny up and said, “Mom, we’re not from the Melvis family from the start, and we’ve been away for a long time. No one takes us seriously, and we’ve just become a thorn in their side. Other than Grandpa, no one else has anything to do with us!”

Brittany sighed.

The Melvis family’s attitude had bitterly disappointed her.

She thought that Lexia was sincere towards her, but when the Melvis family was in trouble, the old woman abandoned Alex and herself and even refused to allow Geronimo to save his daughter. It was apparent that everything before this had just been a façade.

They only treated Brittany kindly because they wanted to gain more trust from Geronimo.

Wealthy people really were cold and frivolous.

Brittany covered the wound on her shoulder and said, “Alex, let’s go home! California is where our home truly is.”

Alex nodded.

As for the life and death of Justin and Nathaniel, he didn’t want to bother about them nor did he want to!

“Alex!” Soraya yelled out at this moment and said anxiously, “Alex, save my brother! Please, you’re the only one who can save him now! Please, I only have one brother!”

Alex didn’t even turn.

Soraya continued, “Alex, are you so unfeeling that you would be unwilling to help?”

Freya couldn’t help but say, “Your brother wanted to kill him, and now you want him to save your brother? Is there something wrong with your head? The fact that Alex didn’t just kill him is already an act of benevolence.”

“Alex…” Soraya said. “I’m begging you, at least for the sake of the fact we were once married.”

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