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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1561

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1561


“This… How is this possible?!”

When many people present saw Alex stretch out a finger to block Brayden Loma’s peerless punch casually, they all were shocked in disbelief. This was Brayden Lomax and he had just beaten Geronimo onto the ground. Could it be that this Alex Rockefeller was even stronger than a Martial Honor?

Mother Mae stood to the side without moving an inch. When Geronimo had rammed into the group of people earlier, he had almost broken her foot.

Her heart was just about to jump out of her chest. If her foot were to be touched under these circumstances, then it would really be done for.

What was more surprising was certainly Alex’s strength.

Where the heck did this guy come from?

At the same time, the one who was dumbfounded was naturally the person involved, Brayden Lomax. His eyes were widened. “What martial arts is this?!”

Alex shook his head. “I understand that you want revenge! But, it’s the father’s fault for not teaching his son. You should know better than me what kind of person your son was! Take the coffins back, and I’ll treat that you Lomaxes have never been here. How about it?”

“F*ck off!” Brayden roared, drawing his fist back to launch another punch!

Unfortunately, he was stopped once again by Alex’s Brahma’s Supreme Touch. He frowned and shouted, “Justin Melvis, do you still not want to tell the truth?!”

His voice rumbled through the area, like the almighty thunder in the sky. It shocked the crowd’s eardrums to be bulged, with a dull pain.

Justin, who took the brunt, almost fainted in fright.

Soraya immediately approached Justin. “Justin, tell me honestly, what’s going on? I know Alex better than you, and he wouldn’t have killed Troy Lomax without any reason.”

Justin said loudly, “Sis, could it be that you believe in him, but not me? Even if you don’t believe me, you should believe the words of Nathaniel Swartz and his twin sisters, right? If you still don’t believe me, I have a video to prove it!”

There were surveillance cameras in the private room of Blue Whale Club, so the entire incident at the time had been recorded.

Lexia immediately said, “Justin, take out the video and play it for everyone present to see clearly. If the matter with the Lomax family’s son really was due to Alex Rockefeller’s unreasonable and ruthless murder, then our Melvis family will make it clear here that we will definitely kill our own family members if justice demands it. But, if Troy Lomax reaped what he sowed, then the Lomax family will have to bear the responsibility for causing such a ruckus with the Melvis family today.”

Brayden replied, “Fine! Play the video!”

Once the video was played, it was exactly as Justin had said. It was because the video had been edited a long time ago, and several important scenes in the middle had already been removed.

Suddenly, the sentiment of the crowd was once again ignited. Countless people started to shout.

“Hand over the murderers! Execute them on the spot!”

“Murderers must pay with their lives! The debt of blood must be paid in blood!”

Brayden looked at Geronimo. “Melvis, you old fart, do you have anything else to say? Now that the video has been played, do you still want to protect your grandson? As Divine Constabulary’s president, you behave unscrupulously to fish for compliments and fame. You’re not worthy of the title at all!”

His voice traveled and echoed in many people’s ears.

Geronimo’s expression turned awful.

He was full of dirty words, but he was someone who upheld his reputation highly. He was also very puzzled, so he looked towards Alex. “Alex, why did you do it?”

Freya answered on his behalf, “President Melvis, I’m the one who killed the guy. In fact, it has nothing to do with Alex. There’s something wrong with this video too. A huge part of the video in the middle has been cut off, and it has been edited! Whenever I, Freya Mayer, want to kill someone, I will just kill him, and I won’t regret it! If you want revenge, then come at me!”

Brayden laughed in a crazed manner. “What a quibble! In that case, I, Brayden Lomax, don’t have anything else to say. Today, if the murderer is not dead, my wife and I will use these coffins for ourselves! Who’s willing to stand together with my Lomax family?”

“I am! Mother Mae from the Northern Sacred Mountain Sect!” Mother Mae was the first one to come forward.

Mother Mae was the first one to come forward.

It turned out that her foot had just recovered its freedom. After all, Brittany’s Silver Frost had yet to reach a defying level. On the other hand, Mother Mae was a half-stepped Grandmaster, so she was powerful in her own might.

“Me! Cade Gil from Alaska’s Gil family!”

“Craven Style Tai Chi, Jaden Craven!”

“Golden Sword Faction, Drew Watson!”


One by one, masters stood right behind Brayden, wanting to uphold justice. In their eyes, Alex and Freya probably had become nothing less than heinous villains.

Seeing the situation getting more serious and the people were aggressive, the battle was on the verge of breaking out.

Alex glanced at Justin. “Are you really not going to tell the truth? You still want to be wilful at this time? It’s not too late now before more people are going to die!”

Geronimo believed in Alex.

He immediately rushed over and gave Justin a slap on his face. “You wretched thing, what in the world are you still hiding?! Did you edit this surveillance video?!”

Half of Justin’s face was swollen from the slap. He gritted his teeth and said, “No, I didn’t I’m not hiding anything! It’s all the truth!”

Brayden immediately pointed at Freya. “Kill!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”

The chaotic warfare started.

Some rushed towards Freya, and some rushed towards Brittany.

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