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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1558

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1558

A palm that was filled with destructive energy lashed out, aiming for Freya Mayer.

“Hold it!”

Geronimo Melvis took a quick step forward and raised his hand, meeting Brayden Lomax’s palm.


A loud noise sounded.

The built stage shattered from the collision and explosion of internal force.

It was fortunate that the stage was not high, with only two steps above ground. So, the effect of destruction wasn’t great.

To everyone’s surprise, the Martial Honor and the Grandmaster were well-matched in strength. Countless people were shocked.

Never did they expect that Brayden Lomax would be so powerful. He was not at a disadvantage when fighting against Geronimo Melvis, who had advanced to Martial Honor.

“Could it be that Brayden Lomax has actually advanced to Martial Honor as well? Otherwise, how could he fight evenly against a Martial Honor?”

“I don’t know either, it’s possible.”

“Brayden Lomax is a veteran Grandmaster, ranking fifth on America’s Grandmaster list. It seems that he’s been hiding his true strength.”

Only Alex could tell the clue.

Brayden did not advance to Martial Honor. He was indeed a Grandmaster. However, there was a self-protection magical treasure on him.

That was the reason he was able to match up against Geronimo.

Brayden roared, “Melvis, you old fart. Do you really want to go your own way to protect these murderers?! With so many martial arts fellows and heroes present, you, Geronimo Melvis, don’t throw away all your fame just because of a murderer!”

Geronimo glared and said, “Bullsh*t! My grandson is definitely not a murderer of innocent people. He already said that your son deserved death! Brayden Lomax, who in the entire Alaska doesn’t know about the conduct and morality of your son? If my grandson said he deserved to die, then he deserved to die!”

At this moment, an old man stood up and said, “President Melvis, there are laws in the country, and there are rules in the family. As Divine Constabulary’s president, it’s too unreasonable to protect your grandson like this.”

The old man was called Layton Yount. He has a great reputation in Alaska, an old professor of virtue and prestige.

The moment he said those words, it immediately placed Alex and Freya under the spotlight once again. More calls sounded below the stage, clamoring that Geronimo kill his own family member if justice demanded it. Only personally killing Alex and Freya by himself could uphold his dignity and selflessness as Divine Constabulary’s president.

In an instant, the entire Melvis family became the target of public criticism.

For some unknown reasons, the distant relatives of the Melvis family who came from afar to attend the banquet were the ones screaming louder than the others. They all demanded that Geronimo act immediately to dispose of the murderers.

Under such circumstances, even Geronimo was placed in a difficult situation.

However, he still shook his head. “Brayden Lomax, you can’t kill this girl!”

Brayden was furious. “Geronimo Melvis, f*ck you!”

He shot out brazenly.

As the two experts exchanged dozens of blows in an instant, the scene descended into chaos. Countless banquet tables were overturned and destroyed, and the crowd retreated one after another.

The Melvises kept cursing Alex and Freya, and even Brittanny. Their cursing was extremely unpleasant to listen to.

On the other hand, they kept persuading Geronimo, so that he could think about the overall situation and not be wilful.

However, Geronimo did not listen.

In the next moment, Brayden roared, “My Lomax family’s brethren, let’s go together!”

Someone else exclaimed, “I can’t watch this anymore! As a martial artist, this kind of scum deserves to be punished by everyone! If you have a righteous heart, stand up and kill him with me! Kill the murderer, carry out Heaven’s will!”

With that one shout, hundreds of people responded. Unexpectedly, dozens of experts came forward at once.

“Kill the murderer, carry out Heaven’s will!”

“Kill the murderer, carry out Heaven’s will!”

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