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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1557

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1557


“What? It turns out to be him?!”

“That man is so bold, he even dared to kill Brayden Lomax’s son. Oh great, now he’s in trouble!”

“The question is, why would he kill Brayden Lomax’s son? Come to think of it, Brayden’s son isn’t someone good either…”

The guests who had come to attend this banquet discussed spiritedly amongst themselves. They looked at the coffins for a while, then turned to Alex on the stage, who seemed to be feeling alright despite everything happening. The crowd was dumbfounded.

Geronimo was taken aback for a moment before immediately saying, “Do you have evidence?”

Brayden laughed loudly. “Evidence? Your two grandsons, as well as the twins from the Swartz family are evidence! What is it? Could it be that your entire family wants to shelter the murderers?”

Geronimo looked at Justin. He had yet to say anything.

Justin nodded and said, “Indeed, what Senior Lomax said is true.”

At this moment, someone rushed to the front of the stage, it was Liyana Melvis, who was Geronimo’s daughter, as well as the mother of Nathaniel Swartz. She didn’t know this before. However, now that she knew that it concerned her children, she immediately stepped forward and shouted at her three children, “Nathaniel, Winry, Willow, come here!”

The three siblings had long expected this to happen, so they immediately went to the front of the stage after getting out of the crowd.

Liyana asked in a deep voice, “Tell me, did you all know about this?”

The three siblings nodded.

Nathaniel sighed and said, “The truth will come out eventually. Moreover, a lot of people also witnessed it. Alex Rockefeller, just stop denying it anymore.”


Geronimo, Lexia and the others were all surprised. Now that Justin and Nathaniel had testified, it was an irrefutable fact.

Liyana asked again, “What the heck is going on? Give me a clear explanation immediately.”

Winry opened her mouth to speak. “Mom, it’s like this. At that time, Cousin Alex’s girlfriend spilled wine on Young Master Lomax’s girlfriend’s dress. Young Master Lomax’s girlfriend asked her to apologize. Not only did she not apologize, but she even broke Young Master Lomax’s girlfriend’s hand! Young Master Lomax stepped forward to reason with them, but she didn’t say anything and just killed him with a sword’s slash.”

Winry glanced at Alex, then added, “In fact, Cousin Alex was the one who instructed his girlfriend to murder him. He also said that if the Lomax family came looking for revenge, he would destroy the entire Lomax family.”


Winry’s words had suddenly ignited the people’s emotions at the scene.

Alex, who had just been praised as a giant among men and even announced to take over the position of Divine Constabulary’s president by Geronimo, instantly became the target of public criticism.

“That’s just too cruel and unreasonable!”

“How can there be such a person in this world? Who is his girlfriend?!”

“Murderers! Get out! Show yourself!”

As the emotions of the crowd rose, it quickly turned into a crusade.

Countless people shouted, “Murderers must pay with their lives! Murderers must pay with their lives!”

While maintaining an indifferent expression, Alex turned to Winry and even shot her a smile. “It seems that you really hate me!”

Winry exclaimed, “Everything I said is the truth. I, Winry Swartz, can swear in Heaven’s name. If I ever lie, then my appearance will be ruined!”

For a lady to actually put her appearance on the line to swear a fierce oath, it was unlikely to be fake. And so, the emotions of the crowd became more turbulent.

Countless people shouted and wanted to bring down the murderers.

As Divine Constabulary’s president, one should set an example. Such a great authority had been given to him wasn’t meant to be used to shield culprits, but to punish the bad and exterminate the evil.

Soraya had a complicated look on her face. She was a little panicked, without knowing what to do.

On the other hand, Justin said, “Alex Rockefeller, you better stand up and admit it, okay?”

Alex laughed and said, “I’ve never said that I’m going to deny it. I killed Troy Lomax, what about it? He reaped what he sowed and deserved to die!”

Brayden roared, “Fine! It’s good that you’ve admitted it! My son can’t possibly be killed by you in vain. Murderers must pay with their lives! One of these two coffins is yours. Will you get inside and kill yourself, or do you want me to do it?”

At this moment, Freya stood up.

She walked forward slowly, and even reached out her hand to pat the other coffin before saying, “I’m the girlfriend. So, this coffin is prepared for me, right?”

Brayden looked at Freya with cold eyes. “So, it’s you!”

He raised his hand immediately. “I will kill you now and bury you along with my son!”

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