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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1552

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1552

“A toast to me?”

Alex smiled lightly. “No hurry, you can still do it the night after tomorrow!”

They left after he said that

Winry and Willow frowned as they were confused. When they walked in the door, Winry spoke to Justin. “Cousin, what is going on? Aren’t we going to enjoy their good Show? They just came in, but why did they just leave like that? What’s there left to watch?”

All the people inside the room had stiff expressions.

Someone pointed at the person lying on the ground. There were even two severed hands and a pool of blood. The twins did not notice him at first because the club’s private room was very big. At this moment, they screamed right away when they saw him.

“T-this… Who is this guy?”

“Lomax… Young Master Lomax?”

Soon after, Nathaniel Swartz came over after receiving the news. The moment he saw the dead Troy, he sat on the ground and his first reaction was. “This is over. This is all over!”

Justin looked at Nathaniel in shock. “Nathaniel, Troy is dead. What do we do? Brayden only has this one precious son. He’s going to go berserk!”

Nathaniel calmed himself down and said, “What actually happened? He was just fine, how did he die?”

After listening to the entire incident, Nathaniel pondered over it for a long while but he was secretly happy.

He said, “Don’t panic. The one that should be panicking is Alex Rockefeller. Troy’s death has nothing to do with us nor everyone present here at all. Everything is due to the fault of Alex Rockefeller and his girlfriend whom he has brought along. Right, everyone?”

The bunch of bad friends immediately echoed.

“That’s right. Everything is because of that unscrupulous couple.”

“Why would a normal person do such an insane act? She just killed someone just because of a disagreement. Who does she think she is? D*mn, she even threatened to kill the entire family whatsoever. I think that woman must be crazy, right? Otherwise, why would she be like that?”

“Justin, this Rockefeller guy is clearly a scum. Your Melvis family has called him back, that’s equivalent to bringing in a bearer of ill luck into the household. This time, Brayden Lomax would surely go after the Melvises! Anyway, I’ve got an important matter to attend to suddenly. I’ll have to leave first!”

“Oh, I remember something too. My dad will be coming back from overseas today and I have to head back and wait for him. Justin, when someone asks about it later, just say that I’ve never been here.”

“Me too, me too…”

Everyone spoke their mind to simply get themselves out of this trouble. Afterwards, they all started to leave.

Soon, Brayden, who received the news, brought along hundreds of men and went to the Blue Whale Club with a murderous aura.

Seeing the deceased Troy, a woman immediately leaned on the corpse and wailed, she was Troy’s mother, Connie Yule.

“Son, Son! You can’t die like that! You can’t leave Mom!”

“If you just leave like that, how am I going to continue living this life?”

As Brayden looked at the blood wound on his son’s neck, he was heartbroken. He stared at Justin and the three siblings of the Swartzes with fierce eyes and a soaring murderous aura. “Speak! Who killed my son?”

The few people immediately reiterated the incident with exaggeration, shifting all the responsibility to Alex and Freya.

Connie said with a resentful expression, “Kill that unscrupulous couple. I want that b*tch to be skinned and have all her tendons removed before exposing her corpse in the wilderness! I want her whole family to be killed as well! Geronimo Melvis’s grandson shall die too!”

Brayden closed his eyes for a whole minute before opening them again. “My son must not die in vain! But, let’s take care of the funeral first. I heard that the Melvises will be holding a banquet the day after tomorrow to celebrate the return of that b*tchy mother and her son. By then, I, Brayden Lomax, shall be there to seek justice personally from Geronimo Melvis.”

Justin and Nathaniel glanced at each other, but a hint of joy flashed past their hearts.

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