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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1551

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1551

When the half meter long short sword punctured Troy Lomax’s throat, the scene went dead silent. Everyone did not even dare to gasp for air.


Troy, who did not die immediately, let out a wail before he died, but he could not make much sound. The moment he opened his mouth, mouthfuls of blood kept pouring out. His eyes widened and his veins were bulging.

He was reluctant to accept it. He could not believe it. He was going to be killed just like that? How could there be a woman like this?


Troy fell to the ground.

Everyone screamed as well. The person who screamed the loudest was not Harley. She was already shivering and her legs were weak. To put it bluntly, she was just an ordinary woman who sold her body to get to her position. Since when had she seen someone being murdered? Moreover, the person was her boyfriend.

The person who screamed the loudest was Justin. He was about to go crazy.

Troy was the eldest son of the Lomax family. And, the Lomax family was a martial arts family in Alaska. Rumor had it that there was an even greater force behind the family. Hence, Troy could be arrogant and domineering in Alaska. He had been running rampant for a while and did not even put the Melvises of Divine Constabulary in his eyes.

At first, he only wanted to use Troy to ridicule Alex and suppress him for a while. To his surprise, now that Troy was dead, he was going to get into big trouble!

“H-how dare you kill him? W-why didn’t you ask who he is first? He’s the eldest son of the Lomax family, Troy Lomax, the son of the martial grandmaster, Brayden Lomax. Now that you’ve killed him, you’re going to be in deep trouble!” Justin looked hideous, yet he stared at Freya terrifyingly, as if he was looking at a monster.

Freya smiled lightly. “So what? I’m not the one that’s going to be in deep trouble, but you are!”

She casually waved her hand.

The short sword flew out like lightning. With a thud, it nailed straight into the wall behind Justin, with only one or two centimeters away from his neck. The blade even slightly touched the skin on his neck because of the tremor on the blade, cutting out a small wound.


“I’m so dead. I’m so dead. I’m…”

Justin almost peed his pants out of fear as he screamed hysterically. That look was funny as hell.

However, nobody at the scene dared to laugh. Everyone was shocked by Freya’s decisiveness and ruthlessness in her actions.

‘ls this really something a country girl could do?’

Harley had completely lost it. The immense pain of her hands had caused her mind to be foggy and have a period of chaotic thoughts. She looked at Freya and mumbled, “This is impossible, this is impossible. Aren’t you a country girl? W-who the heck are you?”

Freya smiled. “You’re right. My house is in Mayerridge. It is indeed a small and remote place in the countryside. But, our people over there have valiant spirit and are unyielding. I’ll kill your entire family if you dare to scold me.”

Afterwards, she pointed at Justin. “You hired these two guys, didn’t you? The only successor of the Melvis family? How ridiculously childish!”

Meanwhile, Alex stood up.

He finished the wine in the glass in one gulp. He looked at Justin and said with a smile, “Cousin, I’ve drunk your wine of apology! I’ll accept your apology, so from now onwards, we have nothing to do with each other.”

After that, he said to Freya. “The environment here isn’t great. I’ll treat you to a beer at the roadside stall, how about it? Having a barbeque while drinking beer should be pretty good.”

“To be clear, is it your treat?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve brought cash with me.”

The two people walked off without regard for others.

The moment they opened the door of the private room, they happened to meet the Swartzes’ twin sisters. The two of them went to the washroom earlier to fix their makeup for about three to five minutes. When they walked in, they saw Alex and Freya coming out.

“Cousin Alex, where are you people going? We haven’t toasted you yet!” Winry blinked as she said.

She thought, ‘Isn’t that too soon? If they can’t stand it and run away now, doesn’t that mean that we won’t be able to enjoy the rest of the good show?’

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