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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1540

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1540

‘Where is this leading us to?’

‘Just how long is the pillar under this platform?’

After quite some time, the platform stopped moving after a loud click.

Using their flashlights to light up the area, they realized they were in a dark and closed space.

Suddenly, the platform started going down as the sounds of gears filled the air again, just like an automated elevator.

“Get out!” Alex yelled.

Everyone jumped off of the platform immediately and landed on the ground outside. The hole where the platform rose from to had closed up as well. It looked as if it had never existed in the first place.

“Where are we?”

“Look, there’s a coffin right there.”

“This… Why does this look so familiar?”

As the group continued to discuss, Susan suddenly shouted. “I remember now! This is the grave that we entered last time, the actual grave that held Caesar‘s body!”

Alex shook his head. “It’s not the real one. The previous one was. This is probably just a fake to hide the real ones from the public.”

However, since they were here now, everything became a lot simpler to figure out. With the experienced tomb raiders, Susan, Zayne, and the others, all of them found their way out in a matter of minutes. Zayne even went out his way to find the corpse of the Drifter clan’s elder.

It was a shame that they died long ago that their bones were starting to rot as well. There wasn’t anything related to the Drifter Skill Book too.

However, Kenneth and Quincy still managed to take some tomb treasures with them, which indicated that thieves never left empty-handed.

The treasure that Quincy took was an odd-looking mask. It looked damp and black, made of some unknown material. It was so ugly that it looked petrifying.

Alex took a few glances at it and said, “This isn’t treasure at all. The Yin energy on this is way too heavy. I’d advise you to leave it instead.”

However, Quincy didn’t care. “All tomb treasures have Yin energy one way or another. It’ll be fine once it’s out in the sun!”

Susan was speechless. “Do you really think the sunlight can help banish thousands of years of Yin energy? Don’t be too greedy. We’ve managed to survive the many obstacles here. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we died just because of your god-forsaken greed?!”

“Susan Hunter! How dare you f*cking curse me? I know what you’re actually thinking of. You want this mask, don’t you? I’m no fool! Just look at the craft, shape, and age! This is definitely a one of a kind treasure. Now that I have my hands on it, don’t you dare even think of taking it! Hmph!”

Since Quincy was so stubborn, Alex decided not to persuade him further.

Following the map that they had drawn earlier, they managed to find the exit. When their eyes met a ray of light and a patch of the big blue sky, Susan was so overjoyed that she hugged Alex tightly. “We’re out of there! Finally!”

She wasn’t the only one who reacted like this, everyone was so overwhelmed that they managed to exit the grave. The trip down there was extremely perilous. They had barely survived.

Darven died, Kenneth lost an arm, Quincy lost a chunk of flesh… And Trevon’s entire corpse was gobbled up.

Moreover, the blood cult was filled with hope when they went in there, yet none managed to come out.

“Good job! So many of you managed to get out of there!”

“That means you guys have found the central key to this grave, right?”

As the group walked out of the entrance, they noticed an old man sitting outside. He sat there arrogantly, staring back at the group with a wide grin on his face. There were ten people or so kneeling next to him. They were Azure and the other members of Thousand Miles Conglomerate.

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