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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1539

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1539

“You know how to get out?”

Susan was surprised. “That’s great! I really don’t want to stay here any longer. This is definitely not the same tomb that I’ve entered last time.”

“Yep!” Quincy nodded in agreement. He didn’t want to stay any longer either.

“We’ve risked our lives coming in here, yet we didn’t manage to get anything. This isn’t even a tomb. This… I don’t even know where we actually are now!”

Zayne let out a sigh as well. He had only agreed to come because he wanted Alex to help saving his godbrother. However, he didn’t mention the other reason he had come.

When he last came in here, he noticed some tracks of the Drifter clan. He wanted to confirm this once more, thinking he could find the other half of the skill book. Too bad that they ended up entering another place, so it was simply impossible for him to find that book.

“Let’s go! ” Alex said as he led everyone as they retraced their footsteps and ended back at the place where the water brought them down.

“Why are we back here? This place is way too high to climb! Is that water going to rush back down again?” Quincy asked.

Dorothy was confused too. “Yeah, and when did you find out how to get out of here?”

Alex replied, “The Goddess of Mercy sits down in her skirt while the Genbu carries the green sky on its back. The skirt is probably a metaphor for the lotus in the pond, right? Doesn’t the Black Soul Lotus look similar to the one the Goddess of Mercy sits on? And the formation blueprint here is called the Breaking Point. The Breaking Point correlates to the star sign of Genbu, the legendary beast. Now, look at this place. Doesn’t it look like Genbu’s shell?”

Everyone bowed their heads and realized that it really did look like the shell of a tortoise.

In reality, Alex had already noticed this when he was solving the formation blueprint a while ago. In the middle of the blueprint was a keyhole, but he had no idea what it was for back then. Now that he had seen the keyhole of the teleportation circle, he understood its purpose immediately.

The token in his hand was not just the key of the teleportation circle. It was used to control the forbidden grounds of the tomb.

Anyone who possessed this key was equivalent to the tomb’s owner.

However, Alex didn’t want any outsiders to find out that he had the key, let alone let anyone finding out that William had left this key because he had another plan in mind.

That was why he first messed around with the blueprint on the ground and inserted flows of spiritual power into it while releasing large amounts of his mental power.

At that moment, everyone apart from Dorothy felt as if their ears were ringing and their heads spinning. Alex’s mental power was so imposing that they couldn’t even stand straight. They had to support themselves by holding onto the stone wall.

Just as the light shone brightly from the circle, Alex immediately took the key out and shoved it into the keyhole, unlocking it. After doing so, he took it out and placed it into his pocket.


The sound of gears grinding in a machine filled the air. Suddenly, the platform that they were standing on rumbled and started elevating slowly.


“I understand now! Genbu carries the green sky! We’re the ones being carried!”

The platform wasn’t all that spacious, hence it was quite crowded with the size of their group. As it rose to the sky, it shook quite a little too.

Everyone immediately squatted down and held onto the edges. This was to prevent them from being pushed down by accident and meet their doom.

Quincy was still quite startled as he shone his flashlight to the ground beneath them, realizing that it was becoming more distant. “This place is way too high. How did Trevon not die from such a fall?”

Freya replied, “Cultivators have lots of unimaginable skills, so it’s not surprising, honestly. Even if I were the one who fell in there, I’d have found a way to prevent death! But for you, however, all that awaits you is death.”

Upon hearing this, Quincy felt as if his heart had been crushed by millions of boulders. He really wanted to push this woman off the platform.

However, he knew that Alex would definitely be the first to kill him off if he really did so.

The platform continued to rise, and they managed to reach the side of the tower where they fought the ghost emperor. Despite all that, the platform didn’t stop elevating, shocking everyone to their core.

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