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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1532

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1532

Quincy asked, “Is it possible to train, even just with half of it?”

“Yeah, it is,” Zayne replied. “But there’s no way that we could actually become cultivators! One thing though, this definitely greatly improved my training.”

Alex pondered and asked, “If you’re willing to, Mr. York, you can Show me the Drifter Skill Book once we’re out of here. I’ll see if I can help make some changes to it.”

“Change… The book?”

Not only Zayne was shocked, but Freya was surprised as well.

‘All skill books that were passed down for generations had been fully thought out and practiced. How can you just say that you’re going to change it after taking a look? Are you for real now?’

“Don’t be so shocked,” replied Waltz. “My brother’s skills are out of this world. You simply cannot imagine what he can do. He amended my skills and Maya’s as well.”

“Ah… He’s that powerful?”

Just as Zayne was getting fired up, the water levels had reached the very bottom. Everyone could feel the ground beneath their feet.

Flashing their lights, everyone realized that this place was flared. The upper level was larger, whereas the bottom was small.

The bottom was around two square miles, so it got quite crowded even though they weren’t exactly a large group.

“Where’s Mr. Lambert?”

“Yeah! Where did that old man go? Even if he did die from that fall, his corpse should be here! How could there be no trace of him at all?”

“The water drained pretty quickly, so there must be an exit here. Where else would all that water go?” asked Dorothy.

Quincy turned his flashlight to the top. “If a bunch of rocks or sand, or worse, mercury, fell from above right now, we’re so dead!”

Rocks, sand, and mercury were very common traps within heavily protected tombs like these.

“Oh, shut up! Don’t jinx it!” Susan snapped, seemingly annoyed. “Let’s all go look for the exit. Since they have such hidden mechanisms here, I don’t think they’d want to kill us here.”

In just a few moments, they found a blueprint. It was a formation blueprint.

Upon seeing this, Alex noticed how it seemed familiar. lt was oddly similar to the third sword of Dragon’s Bane of Thirty Six, called the Breaking Point.

Dorothy asked, “So? Can you solve this?”

“Let me see…”

Alex focused the image within his mind just to complete the Breaking Point’s formation blueprint with the current one at hand.

Alex was delighted. The blueprints were the exact opposite of each other, like yin and yang. These blueprints could offset each other’s flaws.

Not only would Alex be able to use Breaking Point’s blueprint to solve this, but he could also figure out how to use the third sword as well.

Within ten minutes, Alex succeeded in solving it and moved some core points in the formation blueprint. After hearing the crackling noises of a machine, a stone door opened slowly and steadily. The door frame looked as if it was made of both water and glass. No one could tell what was inside.

Alex knew that this was a force field formed by the blueprint.

Everyone mentally prepared themselves while Alex was the first to step into the force field. His body started to waver slightly within it.

After a slight shift in his vision, he felt as if he had just gone through a barrier.

His eyes lit up as soon as he saw a large pond filled with lotuses.

“The Soul Substitute Lotus Seed!”

Alex was excited. “We’ve been through so much, and we finally found it!”

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