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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1528

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1528

In the next moment, Caesar managed to see what he wanted. It was a bead!

However, it terrified him.

“It’s actually Mother Chaos!”


He struggled to get out of Alex Rockefeller’s mind palace. He was horrified.

There was no way he could’ve ever expected this pest’s mind palace to be actually hiding Mother Chaos inside. However, it was too late when Caesar attempted to escape.

Within Mother Chaos, a golden light emitted from the shattered bead that allowed Alex to acquire Brahma’s Supreme Touch. A suction force directly sucked Caesar’s ghost emperor’s spiritual body inside. Caesar disappeared instantly.

It was way too powerful. Caesar didn’t even have an opportunity to struggle.

In the next moment, the Chaos Bead still didn’t seem satisfied.

It charged out from Alex’s mind palace on its own into the blood river. A huge vortex formed in the blood river.


At the bottom of the blood river, countless resentful spirits were absorbed by the Chaos Bead. A multitude of resentful spirits formed streams around i.-

Within a few moments, the blood river became crystal clear. There wasn’t a single resentful spirit left inside.

In fact, even the blood-red water in the bloody river had become crystal.


The Chaos Bead returned into Alex’s mind palace once again. Everything became calm again.

Alex’s feet were still in the water.

Dorothy Assex, who barely made it out alive, immediately rushed over and hugged Alex.

“How are you? How are you?”

“Are you alright? I was terrified!”

Alex let out a sigh. “Fortunately, this bead saved me. Otherwise, it would really have been over for me,” he said.

Alex reached out to touch Dorothy’s face. She suddenly kissed him on the lips.


“Oh my gosh!”

Waltz Fleur and Maya Howards, who just ran over, were instantly stunned at the sight before them. This was way too shocking!

How could an aunt kiss her nephew?

“Auntie, you… How could you…” Waltz was even stuttering.

Dorothy let go of Alex and glared at Waltz. “If you can do it, why can’t I?” Dorothy asked.

“But you’re his aunt!” Waltz said.

“Waltz, to be honest, she’s…” Alex started speaking.

Dorothy directly cut him off. “To be honest, I’m not his aunt. My nickname is Auntie. Everyone can call me Auntie,” she said.


Waltz and Maya were speechless.

Freya Mayer and a few others who walked out were all stunned silent. After all this trouble, they weren’t aunt and nephew but were a couple instead.

Kenneth Sunder looked around at the blood river.

“That’s truly amazing. How did you manage to cleanse such a large blood river?”

“W-where’s the ghost emperor?”

“He’s dead!” Alex said.

After a pause, Alex continued to speak. “Alright. We managed to get past this stage. The ghost emperor said he’s Caesar’s spirit. Clearly, his body had been turned into a zombie by someone else. His spirit was locked in the coffin to guard this blood river.”

“West of Caesar’s Tomb. This is probably where we are. This ought to be the west of the giant tomb,” Susan Hunter said.

“Is there no way to get through the passage?” Freya asked.

Susan nodded. “That’s right… Mr. Lambert accidentally fell off the cliff. It’s very deep down there. He might have already…”

Several people walked over to the edge of the cliff to check it out.

“This place should be safe for now. Everyone, let’s stay here and recuperate a little,” Alex said.

After saying that, Alex looked at Darven Mikail’s corpse.

He sighed.

“I shouldn’t have brought him here!” Susan started tearing up. “He died because of me,” she wailed.

“Why don’t we bury him here? Getting buried in a giant tomb like this is considered a grand thing,” Zayne York suggested.

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