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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1491

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1491

“Alright, I’ll be there later!” Alex thought for a while before agreeing.

He was going to head into Caesar’s tomb soon, and to be honest, the more he understood, the less confidence he had. If even his father had been trapped in it, how could he return safely?

He wasn’t sure. However, for the sake of his parents, Alex needed to make the trip.

This was an obligatory matter as the son of the man. Dorothy had been his original partner, and she should understand this, and it was a matter Alex needed to explain clearly to her.

Claire heard his agreement and was happy. “Okay, I’ll go shopping now. What do you want to eat? If you can tell me now, I’ll have some idea of what to shop for.”

“Anything is good. I’m not a picky eater… Uh, or maybe it’s better if you wait for me to come over and cook!” Alex said.

The things that Claire cooked couldn’t be forced down the throat, and if they weren’t careful, they might end up being poisoned to death.


On the other side, Rhea Hauffer had returned to Michigan.

This woman was extremely decisive when doing things, just like how things were done in her industry. Once she decided, she wouldn’t change her mind again because she was extremely confident in herself.

For example, this time, after drawing a clear line with Azure, she had completely put him out of her mind.

The car was parked in an underground parking garage, and she didn’t forget to glance at herself in the mirror to laugh to herself. “Rhea Hauffer, what kind of sickness in the head have you gotten? To have given a glance at a man who was no different than an incompetent martial artist, what does he even have? How can such a foolish man be worthy of you, Rhea Hauffer?

“After today, that guy will probably die. It was fortunate that I ran away fast!”

After that, she went upstairs to freshen herself up and entered the lobby of the Hauffer villa.

“Rhea, you’re back!”

“Congratulations, congratulations! Rhea, you really have a good eye to have your eyes on Azure of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. He’s the godson of the late Lord Lex and now the brother of the current president, Waltz. There’s no limit to how far you can go in the future.”

“Sister Rhea, when will you invite us to the ceremony?”

“By the way, Rhea, I heard that the Sky Tower project that Thousand Miles Conglomerate won has officially been launched. This project is the largest shipping project in Michigan in the past ten years. Since the relationship between you and Azure is almost a set deal, let us, Hauffer Group, also participate in the project It should be fine to get the role to supply building materials, right?”


Hearing the rushed well wishes and congratulations from her family members, Rhea was stunned.

She rolled her eyes and said dumbfoundedly, “Your news is too dated. Don’t you know that Thousand Miles has offended people who shouldn’t be offended and that they’ve now most likely been cut off?

“That was news that I got while I was in California, and now, they’re probably all gone by now!”

“That idiot, Azure, he didn’t listen to me. I already dumped him a long time ago. People like him will have no chance to be outstanding. They have too little knowledge and are too stupid. They don’t have a great future, and it’s easy to give trouble to me. This kind of person, I will never want them!”

“Now, he probably has already become a prisoner or killed by people from Department Six! He reaped what he sowed, what an idiot!”

The moment Rhea finished speaking, a proud and arrogant expression appeared on her face. However, she found that the people from her family were looking at her in shock.

Rhea smiled and said, “Why are you guys looking at me like that? Do you admire the fact thatI chose to withdraw at the most critical moment? Otherwise, I would have also been dragged in.”

Jack Hauffer said, “Rhea, is that true? You’ve dumped Azure?”

“That’s right, Grandpa. I’m great, right?”

As a result…


Jack raised his hand, sending her a slap on her face without warning. “You’re calling others idiot when you’re the real idiot! I thought you were a slick and crafty person, and I’ve just realized that you’re an idiot that cannot be cured.”

Rhea was dazed from the slap.

“Grandpa, why the heck did you hit me? What have I done wrong?” Rhea held her face, tears rolling from her eyes, and her face full of grief.

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