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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1489

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1489


“Are you calling my senior?”

Quincy was dumbfounded, but he quickly sneered. The existence of his senior was an immovable mountain and the leader to the Drifters. Even the Abstracts were well aware that the more great thing about him was that Zayne was not an ordinary person. Compared to Zayne, even a hundred Quincy would be no match for him.

How was it possible for a person like Alex to be able to contact Quincy’s senior directly?

“Hmph! I don’t know where you found out about me having a senior, but do you think you can deceive me like this and gain my trust? You really take me for…”

Before Quincy could finish speaking, Alex held out the phone to him. “Your senior wants to talk to you!”

“What?” Quincy was taken aback, and he looked at Alex in a daze.

Two minutes later, he took the phone. “Hello?”

“Quin!” The moment Zayne called him that name, Quincy was shocked, disbelief clear on his face. It really was his senior! In an instant, his eyes were red rimmed. His senior was an important existence to him. Zayne was like a father to him.

Zayne was ten years older than him, and when Quincy had entered the teachings, he had only been five years old. The master was usually busy, so his senior took care of him most of the time. So, even though Zayne was his senior, he was no different than a father in Quincy’s eyes.

However, after the master’s death, Zayne had taken over the mantle of the master and became very busy. He was always busy with endless tasks, and it was difficult for Quincy to meet him, and he thought he would never see Zayne ever again in this lifetime.

“S-senior, y-you… How?”

“Quin, Alex is William Rockefeller’s son. I promised him that I would go into the tomb with him in exchange for your freedom and the restoration of your cultivation,” Zayne said without any preamble.

Quincy was shocked. “What tomb? Caesar’s tomb?!”


“Senior, don’t do it! The last time, we barely escaped with our lives, it’s too scary. I never want to go in there again! Senior, you don’t have to save me. You can’t go in there!”

“Stop with your nonsense. I’ve already decided! Has your cultivation base been restored?”

“Uh… My energy core has been abolished. How is it possible to recover it?”

Just as he said that, Alex suddenly moved and popped something unknown in his mouth. The point here was that he hadn’t had his defenses up at all, and he swallowed it at once.

He jumped in shock, taking a step back before roaring, “What did you just feed me?”

Alex calmly replied, “It’s medicine to restore your cultivation base. Alright, I have little time, hurry up and recover!”

Having said that, he grabbed the phone from Quincy’s hand and said, “Mr. York, your junior is fine. Meet at the usual place tomorrow at six in the evening!”

Then, he hung up the call.

Alex found Quincy looking at this stomach stupidly. He knew that the medicine he had given Quincy had started to take effect and recovered his energy core!

However, Quincy’s energy core had been abolished for more than three months, and it wouldn’t fully recover just by relying on the power of the pill.

So, Alex pressed a palm on Quincy’s stomach, and a massive burst of spiritual powers rushed in, helping to reshape his energy core at a breakneck speed.

This entire process was not a painless nor easy one.

As it was too rough and direct, adding that the pill had something wrong due to the lack of ingredients when creating it with alchemy, there were some problems in terms of efficiency.

“Ahhhhh!” Quincy screamed out in pain.

However, he was no different than an ordinary person right now. How could he break out of Alex’s hold?

“Why are you screaming like a girl? Just bear it!”

Alex’s words made Quincy even angrier.

However, he wasn’t stupid. He could feel what Alex was doing, and he really did endure it. The pain at where his energy core used to be felt like it was being cut repeatedly with knives, and it was possible to imagine just how much pain he was in right now.

Half an hour later.

Quincy could feel that his energy core was back once again.

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