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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1482

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1482

In less than ten seconds, all the people from Department Six had been beaten down to the ground. And, those who had raised their hands against Waltz were all dead.

A small leader of the operation shouted, “You people are rebelling, Geronimo Melvis. As a member of Divine Constabulary, you’ve just openly confronted Department Six and killed our people. You just wait to be punished by our Lord Commander, he will definitely avenge our fallen brothers!”

The other people from Department Six were also shouting one after another.

“If you have the guts, then just kill us!”

“The Lord Commander will avenge us!”

Just at this moment, an angry voice echoed out. “Who said I will avenge you?!”

When the first word was spoken, the voice still sounded far away. By the time the entire sentence was said, the person had already reached in front of their eyes.

The person who came was not someone else, but it was the Lord Commander of Department Six, Grant Xenos. Before Alex came, he had already given Grant a call.

After a few days had passed, the matter with the Leviathan Gate island had basically been dealt with. Those disciples from Leviathan Gate who should be killed had been killed, and those who should be subdued had been subdued. For being able to set up such a grand plan as the former leader of the Divine Dragon Sect, Jayden Fleming was definitely not a soft hearted person.

And, all the subdued disciples were also controlled by him using extreme means, they definitely wouldn’t dare to betray him. So, there was no longer any point for Grant to stay there.

Just as he was planning to leave the island, he received Alex’s call.

When those few people from Department Six saw their Lord Commander arrive at the scene, they were immediately full of beans and didn’t seem to have heard properly what Grant had said at all. Someone immediately shouted, “Lord Commander, the people from Divine Constabulary are unreasonable and favor criminals. They deserve a thousand deaths for that! This Geronimo Melvis, as Divine Constabulary’s president, has actually used his power for personal gains, broken the law despite knowing it… And, that Rockefeller fellow has destroyed your grandnephew, Gill’s lower body part! He has also killed Captain Johansson just now, d*mn him! Please, Lord Commander, kill him to punish him!”

Grant’s eyes were gloomy and cold.

Alex was his master, and this guy actually asked him to kill his own master?!

“Very good!” Grant glanced at the man who had just spoken.

The man was immediately overwhelmed with gratitude and felt like he had gained Grant’s appreciation. Achieving the success of his career didn’t seem like a far off dream right now.

However, at this moment, Grant suddenly made a move. His palm slapped on the man’s head.


The man was shocked, and his consciousness disappeared instantly. He had been killed by Grant in one hit.

“Ah, Lord Commander, what are you doing?!” many people from Department Six exclaimed.

“What am I doing? Tell me, what am I doing? I’m cleaning up the trash!” Grant yelled, seething with rage. “Who asked you to come here? Who asked you to go against Thousand Miles Conglomerate? Tell me now, who gave the order?”

Several people from Department Six were dumbfounded. They had come to stand up for Gill. In fact, they were here because they wanted to flatter the Lord Commander.

What happened? Did they shine the wrong shoe?

Someone decided to bite the bullet and said, “Replying to the Lord Commander, it was your grandnephew, Gill Xenos.”

Grant looked at him and coldly said, “Is Gill part of Department Six?”

The person was taken aback, and replied, “N-no, he isn’t.”

“He’s not, yet why did you take sh*tty order from him? Are you part of Department Six, or are you Gill’s lackey?”


The person was speechless as he trembled.

Grant continued to ask, “You people have listed so many crimes done by Thousand Miles Conglomerate, is there conclusive evidence? Were there any trickery in the process of obtaining them? Answer me honestly!”

The Lord Commander’s status was the biggest pressure. It was because he was the god of Department Six, the ultimate idol to all the subordinates.


The person knelt to the ground on his knees. “Lord Commander, this was all Captain Johansson’s orders, w-we were just following orders!”


“Do you all have no brains? Do you know the concept of right and wrong? Can you clearly differentiate the rights and wrongs? What was the oath that you swore on the first day you joined Department Six? Your duty is to distinguish between true and false, to punish evil, to defend one’s home and country as well as to serve the people! But, What the heck are you guys doing? How bold! Everyone here today will be removed from their positions and investigated. Get lost!”

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