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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1471

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1471

Rhea Hauffer’s face turned pale.

She looked at Azure in disbelief as she said in a trembling voice, “You… What do you mean? Are you chasing me away?”

Azure said, “You can think of it that way.”

“Why? Can you tell me what have I done wrong? I’m caring about you. I’m worried that you might offend somebody that you shouldn’t. What have I done wrong? You think I’m scared? I’m just worried about you. Don’t you understand?”

Azure looked straight into her eyes. “I understand, but this is also the reason why we aren’t meant for each other. After all, we walk different paths! We people from Thousand Miles Conglomerate can die on our feet than to live on our knees. Besides, he deserves to die for having the guts to insult Master Rockefeller!”

After he made his statement, he ordered his subordinates to throw Winel out of the entrance right away.

“You… You’re simply unbelievable!” Rhea yelled. “You’re inviting a disaster to befall Thousand Miles Conglomerate! Do you know who is behind Winel? It’s the Lord Commander’s grandnephew from Department Six. May I ask, can you afford to offend him?”

Azure was stunned.

Never did he expect that the person behind the opponent would be the Lord Commander. At this moment, he frowned very hard.

If this was the case, it seemed that Thousand Miles Conglomerate really could not afford to offend him.

As for Winel, both his legs were broken and he was thrown out of the entrance. He was insanely infuriated and yelled, “I’m telling you people, you are all finished! How dare you break my leg?! Just wait for Young Master Xenos and Lord Commander’s wrath to befall you people! Your Thousand Miles Conglomerate is going to be razed to the ground.”


At this moment, a luxurious sports car drove in from the outside and stopped in front of the entrance.

A stunning beauty, who was dressed in a crimson red traditional dress, got out of the car. It was none other than Thousand Miles Conglomerate’s CEO, Waltz Fleur.

After getting out of the car, she slowly walked up to him while looking at him. “Would the Lord Commander listen to a small character like you?”

As she said that, she stepped on Winel’s broken leg with her high heels.

Upon exerting force, Winel yelled in pain.

“Argh! Let go! Let go of your foot. W-who are you?!”

Waltz said, “I’m the CEO of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, Waltz Fleur.”

“You’re Waltz Fleur? Great Listen here, I’m Winel Grundy and I came on behalf of Young Master Xenos! Young Master Xenos is the Lord Commander’s grandnephew from Department Six. Now, you only have one option. Get your company’s Master Rockefeller to head to Michigan to treat Young Master Xenos right now. After that, you have to ruin Azure Storm’s martial arts and sever all his limbs. Otherwise, you people… Owh!”

Before Winel could finish speaking, his arm was twisted off by Waltz. Then, it was the other arm.

“The Lord Commander’s grandnephew, right? Ask him to see me personally!”

After doing all this, Waltz walked into Hell’s Angels in high heels.

She just heard what Rhea had said earlier.

She shook her head at Rhea and said, “Azure is right. Our Thousand Miles Conglomerate is a tough nut. We will only die on our feet rather than live on our knees. It seems like Miss Hauffer still doesn’t know my brother well enough. There will be even more conflicts if you two are together forcefully. Miss Hauffer, I think you should just let go of him!”


Rhea was really confused. “Miss Fleur, you’re the CEO of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. How could you let your emotions get in the way? This isn’t a problem about being a tough nut or not Rather, this is a problem about whether the entire Thousand Miles Conglomerate will be overthrown.”

Waltz waved her hand. “This is our problem!”

After that, she called two people from Hell’s Angels. “You guys, please see Miss Hauffer out!”

Rhea’s chest heaved as she was furious. This was the treatment that she got for her good intentions.

‘How could these two people be so stubborn? Can’t they tell the difference between good and bad words?’

“You-you people are going to regret this.”

Waltz was not concerned. Instead, she said toward Azure, “Bro Azure, I shouldn’t have convinced you previously. Normal women really aren’t suitable for a man like you. Don’t worry, I’ll find you a satisfactory wife.”


Rhea was equivalent to the one who had brought Winel and the person behind his back, Gill, here to be provoked by him. This was also one of the reasons why Azure felt disgusted.

She did not even discuss this with him beforehand and brought the person over right away. Now, it may even cause trouble to Alex.

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