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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1469

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1469

On the second day, Alex accompanied Cheryl to go home.

Phoebe initially agreed to come over to see them off, Alex said that he wanted to try it again but last night. As a result, they had tried it until dawn, and she really could not wake up.

She was also afraid that Cheryl might notice something. Well, Cheryl was a great doctor too. Now that she had learned medical skills from Guilherme, she could even check one’s body condition through the Third Eye. When the time came, she would be able to tell what she had done last night at a glance. By then, everything would be hard to explain.

On the way, Alex could tell that Cheryl was somewhat resentful.

She only smiled again after Alex actively told two jokes.

“Anyway, how’s your father?”

Alex suddenly remembered that Cheryl’s father had acted as a matchmaker for the young master of the Witch Doctor Sect last time, but he was punished by Alex as a result. Alex had fed him some parasitic worm and even ordered him to kneel before the grave of his late wife. However, he seemed to have almost forgotten about this matter.

Cheryl gently grunted and said, “Don’t talk about that man…”

Alex was stunned. “What’s going on? Didn’t he kneel before your mother’s grave?”

As a result, Cheryl said that her father had indeed gone to repent before her mother’s grave some time ago due to the threat of the parasitic worm. Furthermore, he even went back home and cried every day.

Cheryl’s grandmother was gullible to his words.

After all, he was her biological son and they had not been reunited for many years. Seeing him being tortured by the parasitic worm miserably, she got soft hearted and pleaded for her son.

In the end, Cheryl had removed the parasitic disease from him with the help of Guilherme.

However, never did she expect that he would turn to cheat the money out of the old lady. He had even scammed and taken away more than three million dollars before going missing. The old lady was so mad that she did not feel like eating for three days. James even beat his chest. He was so angry that his blood pressure had risen.

Alex said, “Do you need my help? I think with the people of Divine Constabulary investigating him, they will definitely find him.”

Cheryl hesitated for a moment. In the end, she shook her head. “Forget it!”

This was also the intention of James Coney and his spouse.

Alex nodded his head and said nothing else.

Just as a saying went, it was difficult for an upright official to resolve a family dispute.

The biggest reason for Old Lady Coney’s anger was not that she had been scammed by her son for three million dollars, but she was disappointed that her son refused to change for the better and return home. Then, she was also worried that her son would suffer hardships out there. So, that three million dollars that had been scammed was considered as a favor to him.


When they had reached California, Alex sent Cheryl back home first.

Before getting out of the car, Cheryl hugged Alex and gave him a warm kiss. She had been holding back that kiss for several days. In that instant, a round of passionate kiss happened and almost went out of control in the car. Until someone lightly knocked on the car window several times, only then did the two people separate from each other panickily. When they raised their heads to take a look, they realized that it was James Coney.

“Alex, when are you going to invite me and Cheryl’s grandmother to your wedding?” said James with a smile when the car window was rolled down.


There was still some saliva on Cheryl’s lips. At this time, she has long been embarrassed as she pouted with her blushing red cheeks. She got out of the car panickily and urged Alex to leave. “Hurry up and go now! Hurry up now!”

Alex awkwardly left the place. He felt slightly confused as well.

He was getting more and more emotional debts. The key point was that every woman was someone whom he could not part with, yet he was just one person, after all. When people like Grace Larsen and James Coney came over to urge marriage, how was he going to answer them?

Soon, he got back home. He mainly had two things to attend to after returning to California.

First, he had to concoct a rejuvenation pill to be consumed by the Clown, Quincy Zoppins.

This was Zayne York’s condition.

On the other hand, he had already asked his grandfather, Geronimo, to release the person. It should be a very simple thing with his help.

Secondly, it was about the other shattered Chaos Bead.

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