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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1462

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1462

Gill grunted. “I was just too nervous previously, there must be something wrong with the atmosphere. Think about it yourself, there were so many people at that time and even the elder of Divine Constabulary came over. It’s just normal for me to lose the senses. Besides, if the elder of Divine Constabulary really went to Department Six to file a complaint, my granduncle will ask about it too.”

“Yes, you’re right. It must be like that,” Winel nodded his head consecutively.

“Then, where should we go now, Young Master Xenos?” asked the bodyguard.

“Back to the hotel! Winel, get me a few slutty women and also some pills.”

He wanted to try it right away if it would work under normal circumstances.

Twenty minutes later, everything had properly arranged. Gill went to the toilet first. When he came out, he did not look well.

That feeling was extremely terrible. However, what happened next had made him devastated.

Winel had gotten him two women.

However, Gill had no reactions at all no matter what they had done to him.

Gill was anxious as well. He was sweating profusely in panic and even took all three pills that Winel had prepared for him. As a result, it still did not work. Half an hour had passed like that, the two women were exhausted. Eventually, they complained with great displeasure.

“Gosh, what the hell? Why do you need to find women when you’re just a eunuch?”

“Right. You’re just a useless trash in the end.”

Those two women did not even know about Gill’s identity. This series of complaints had completely offended Gill.

All of a sudden, he got up abruptly and grabbed the wine bottle on the bedside table, smashing it on one woman’s head with a bang. Then, he stabbed the broken bottle into another woman’s thigh.

At once, the blood was dripping and the scene was out of control. However, Gill was not a martial artist, whereas, the two service women were not easy on the eyes as well.

Since women in this industry were willing to sell off their dignity and personality, what else would they not do?

The woman who got hit on the head grabbed a glass cup and fiercely smashed it on Gill’s head.

“Sherry, come and help me!”

“What a useless b*stard! How dare you use violence on us?! Beat him until he dies!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two angry women beat up Gill with punches and kicks. One of them even took video of him. She was snatching all Gill’s belongings while blackmailing him.

“If you ever come to trouble us, your video will be uploaded on the internet, Triller, YouTube and others. When the time comes, everyone will know that you’re a useless man.”

The two women left.

Meanwhile, Winel and Gill’s bodyguard would never have expected Gill to be beaten up and filmed as well. They intentionally waited downstairs to avoid hearing any commotion. When they immediately went back to check Gill after receiving his call, they were shocked.

“Young Master Xenos, what happened? Who did this? Could it be that those people earlier are from Divine Constabulary?”


Gill gave Winel a slap across the face.

“D*mmit! What kind of women did you bring me? I was almost killed!”

“Go and find those two b*tches! I want them to know what are the consequences for offending me!”

Winel and the bodyguard were shocked.

To their surprise, Gill was beaten up. This would become a laughing stock if people knew about it!

“Young Master Xenos, how did you people start fighting? You… How did it go? Were you still able to do it?”

Those words had completely suppressed Gill’s anger, leaving only panic.

How would he still find women in the future if he really could not do it?

Most importantly, he was not married yet. If he could not get better for the rest of his life, he would rather be dead!

As he thought about it, he did not bother to look for trouble anymore. He immediately asked the bodyguard to send him to the hospital with the best andrologist in Michigan.

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