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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1452

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1452

Alex looked at him. He finally realized that these people weren’t on Kenneth’s private team.

Looking at his expressions when he spoke, you could tell that his main goal was to make Alex look bad. However, Alex’s personality was that if someone made him look bad first, they better be ready for a real diss.

He calmly smiled. “I’m not a graduate from any medical school, nor do I work at a hospital. And well, as for my achievements in oncology, I’ve healed patients with stage four cancer. Does that count as an achievement?”


One of the female doctors under Shamus laughed uncontrollably. “This has to be the funniest and most ridiculous joke I’ve ever heard! You’re barely thirty, have never been to medical school, and have never been a doctor. Based on what abilities did you heal stage four cancer? With your mouth? Or were you dreaming? Mr. Sunder, I’ll swear on my life that he’s definitely a liar.” The woman looked good.

She was wearing a pair of black stockings, high heels, and only a mini skirt covered her behind. One wouldn’t think of her as a doctor at first glance, more like a PR for the head of the hospital. As she talked, her expressions were mean and taunting as she looked down on Alex.

Shamus had deliberately brought her along to ridicule this “miracle doctor”.

Her best ability was her way around words. This was true for her, no matter how she handled a situation, or when dissing others.

She stopped, looked at Alex with a cold smile, and paused. “Kid, be honest and be humble as a person. Don’t go down the wrong path! In this world, there’re lots of people you can’t afford to offend. Once you make a mistake, there are grave consequences. An important person such as Mr. Sunder is an example of someone you shouldn’t offend! If you’re smart enough, kneel immediately to Mr. Sunder and apologize. Admit you’re a liar, or I’ll have you know that going to jail would be the least severe outcome.”


Just as the woman finished speaking, Kenneth slapped her right on her fair face. Not only did the hit cause her to fall onto the floor, but it also bent her fake nose.

Kenneth furiously roared, “Who gave you the nerve to talk to Master Alex like that! Swear on your life? Is your life even worth anything? Let me tell you. Your life doesn’t even compare to a strand of hair on Master Alex’s leg.”

The slap left the woman stunned. She covered her bloody nose, shaking and upset Shamus didn’t expect Kenneth to use force. He felt even more foolish.

‘Why would Kenneth believe this young man? Is he that desperate?’

He quickly said, “Mr. Sunder, please don’t be angry. What Karen said is true. This is for your wife. Just look at him. Does he look like someone who could cure your wife of her sickness? To be honest, none of us here believe him. If he really can, I’ll have to resign from my position as the hospital’s dean. I’d be thoroughly embarrassed!”

Alex finally spoke up. “Mr. Wilson, was it? Since you said so, why don’t we make a bet? If I can cure Mrs. Sunder, you’ll hand over Mercy hospital to me. Deal?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

“If you don’t dare to make such a bet, then get lost. No one invited you over.” Wendy immediately started chasing them out.

She knew that Alex had cured Freya’s illness last night. Hence the father and daughter were confident in his abilities.

Shamus’ face went pale, yet he still didn’t believe that Alex could cure Alice’s cancer. In the end, he agreed loudly. “Fine! Let’s make this bet then! But what if you lose?”

Alex raised his index finger. “I’ll give you 100 billion dollars.”

“Heh, what a joke. Do you even have 100 billion? Do you think money’s mere toilet paper?” chuckled one of Shamus’ teammates.


Alex snapped his fingers. At that, Xyla came from the room next door.

“How much money do I have now?” Alex asked.

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