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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1449

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1449

Treating her in the bathtub while everyone else was watching?

It wouldn’t happen unless Freya were truly out of her mind.

In the end, Susan took the lead and left first, while the others followed after. Because everything that needed to be discussed had been done, the next stage was implementing their plans. There wasn’t anything important that required them to stay any longer. However, Alex had some last words.

The Sky Tower project had been won, and the Thousand Miles Conglomerate would build the construction site as soon as possible, as fast as seven days, or as slow as half a month. Before entering the tomb, they still needed to get together to discuss the details.

Once they had all left, Alex pointed to the bathroom door and said to Freya, “You can go in and lie in the bathtub first. Remember to take off your clothes.”

“What? Take off my clothes? What do you take me for?” Freya jumped up immediately. “Don’t think I don’t know your nasty thoughts. You just want to take advantage of a woman. Forget it! At most, I just don’t need to get treated.”

The corner of Alex’s lips curled up slightly. “It’s up to you. There’s only this one chance anyway. Next time, if you come looking for me to help, I won’t necessarily help you. Because, once your residual blood has solidified, I can’t do anything… Oh, by the way, I forgot to say one more thing. It’s impossible for you to get pregnant in this state.”

Once he finished talking, he glanced at her. Seeing how she didn’t react, he turned around to leave.

“Wait!” Freya opened her mouth immediately, a fierce glare aimed at him. “I’ll go!”

“You should have a better attitude,” Alex said. “You’re the one begging me for treatment right now, but you make it sound as though I’m the one begging you for it. Think about it, if you went for surgery to enlarge your breasts, wouldn’t you also need to take off your clothes?”

Freya’s breasts bounced a little. “I don’t need breast enlargement.”

“It was just an example.”


Freya walked into the bathroom and shut the door with a loud slam. Soon, there was a splash and the sound of running water. After a while, she shouted from inside, “Okay, you can come in now.”

Alex pushed open the door and was greeted with the scene of a gorgeous woman in the bathtub. His eyes widened, and his breath seemed to stop for a moment, shocked by what he was seeing in front of him.

If an ordinary person had a hormonal imbalance, they would probably have a face full of acne. Their skin would also be rough and carry a dark yellowish hue. However, perhaps it was because the blood of the Exorcist Dragons ran in Freya’s veins that such things did not happen to her. Instead, her skin was smooth and fair, and it looked like it could crack from a gust of wind.

And those long legs soaked in water were just amazing.

“Hey, have you seen enough? Can you start the treatment?” Freya was completely naked right now, in front of a man she had just met. She felt incredibly embarrassed and felt like fainting.

“Uh… Didn’t I make it clear just now?” Alex said.

Freya wrapped both arms around her essential parts. “What didn’t you make clear just now?”

“When I said to take off your clothes,” Alex replied.

Freya was furious. “Are you blind? Am I wearing anything right now?!”

“But, you’re not even wearing your pants,” Alex said.

“What’s up with that?”

Freya was stunned.

Three seconds later, the realization dawned on her. She had misunderstood his words, and had thought she needed to take everything off…

“B*stard, you’re the one who didn’t say it clearly! You should have made it clear that I didn’t need to take my pants off!”

The woman was so angry. She started splashing Alex with water. “Hurry up, bring me my pants.”

In order to avoid her clothes from getting wet, she had taken them off and placed them on the sink, with a towel underneath them. The piece of garment on the top was obviously her most personal one.

Alex furrowed his brows. “Or, let me get you a towel instead, so you don’t have to get your clothes wet.”

Freya thought that it made sense and agreed. “Hurry it up, then.”

Alex went to the towel rack to grab a tower, but he didn’t expect when he turned, his feet would slip, and he fell into the bathtub.



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