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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1443

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1443

It turned out that Maiko Chiba was the one holding the girl’s neck!

And at the girl’s feet, something had fallen out. It was the Stake of Exorcism!

Alex signaled with his hand, and the Stake of Exorcism flew back to him, returning to the small pouch around his waist. When the girl bumped into Alex and hugged him, she must have also taken the chance to pocket his possessions.

Alex hadn’t realized it at all. It just went to show how masterful her stealing technique really was.

It was a pity she stole the wrong thing, though. Of all the thin gs she could take, she stole the gloomy Stake of Exorcism and even let Maiko out from inside.


The young girl fell to the ground on her butt, her hand covering her neck as she gasped for breath. Only horror was written across her face.

Susan naturally had clairvoyant Eyes, so she could obviously see Maiko Chiba, but she was even more surprised at her identity… A powerful female ghost-general who heeded Alex’s command. Even William didn’t have such a ghost servant!

“This… This is a female ghost under you?” Susan asked Alex, her eyes training Maiko cautiously.

“You can say so,” Alex replied.

“A ghost general?” asked Susan.

“You can even see her strength?”

“It’ll be better if you put her away quickly. Freya Mayer from the Exorcist Dragons has arrived, and she’s quite sensitive to ghosts and spiritual bodies. She also gets very disgusted with those who have ghosts under their control. If Freya were to see Maiko, she’d definitely go after her,” Susan said.

“Having a ghost under you is not the right way, and you can get into trouble before you know it. Heed my advice, and let her cross over!”


Hearing Susan asking Alex to send her off into the beyond, how could Maiko not get angry?

When Susan heard that, she said, “And it’s a Japanese female ghost?!”

Meanwhile, the bearded man, Kenneth, and his daughter, Wendy, stood to the side. They were obviously nervous because they couldn’t see Maiko. This was especially true for Wendy, who had almost been strangled to death by the female ghost.

She had been handed down techniques taught by her father when she was very young and learned many astonishing thievery techniques. Her face would give nothing away when she lied, but she had very little knowledge about ghosts and the likes of them.

A seventeen year old high school girl… How could she not be scared?

Alex said, “Maiko, go back in first. Rest assured, I won’t make you cross over.”

Maiko snorted at Susan. She was just about to return into the Stake of Exorcism when a woman’s voice suddenly came from the air above the hotel.

“You want to leave now? It’s too late!”

The moment the voice fell, a woman dressed in white descended from the sky.


The woman fell to the ground.

She looked young, about twenty six or seven, and her pretty face upheld a frosty expression.

She lashed out and flung off the Stake of Exorcism in Alex’s hands with a slap, and he could feel an additional layer of strange energy on the stake, one equivalent to being sealed.

With this, it would be difficult for Maiko to enter the Stake of Exorcism.

As soon as Maiko approached the stake, a burst of energy exploded, which made her exclaim in pain, causing her to retreat in a hurry.

The woman who had fallen from the sky was Freya Mayer.

She glanced at Maiko coldly, seemingly not in a hurry to deal with her. Freya turned her cold eyes towards Alex and snorted. “Susan, this is William’s son? The father is heroic, but the son is a b*stard. How low he must’ve fallen, to the point he has a female ghost under his command. With this sort of trash, going to Caesar’s tomb is equivalent to entering our own death!”

Susan gently pursed her lips.

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