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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1439

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1439

Richard Dodge was Joel Quarter’s ‘little brother’, and before this, for Joel’s sake, Richard had been loudly stating his lowly opinion of Alex, treating him as just a small-time bodyguard with no proper background, and someone who Richard could insult at will.

Moreover, once he knew that not only had Alex hooked up with Phoebe but that Cheryl had also been added to the picture and the three of them had a blast together, there was extreme envy, jealousy, and unstable emotions in Richard’s heart.

However, now, the regret he felt was enough to make him throw up. Who would have thought that this small-time bodyguard would turn out to be the grandson of President Geronimo Melvis from the Divine Constabulary? Great, he had offended Alex to the max just for the sake of scoring some points in front of Joel. And now, Joel’s grandfather was on the way here to personally apologize to Alex.

Richard had really dug his own grave!

“Joel asked to see me?”

Alex was taken aback, then looked at Richard, who was bending and scraping to curry his favor. Richard looked nervous, to the point he was almost kneeling on his knees with how low he was bending. It was hard to blame him. After everything had been revealed, the entire Dodge family had gone out of their minds.

Richard had offended the grandson of the Divine Constabulary’s president, as well as Michigan’s magistrate’s daughter, and the two had disappeared in the area of his club. Who could afford to shoulder the consequences for this?

Then, the patriarch of the Dodge family had said that the entire matter would be placed on Richard’s shoulder.

“If Richard is unable to calm and placate President Melvis and Magistrate Larsen’s anger, then just get him to take his own life in front of the public!”

With that said, how could he not quake in his boots?

Fortunately for him, Alex and Phoebe had returned safely.

“Yes, that’s right. Second Young Master Quarters has been worried the entire time about the safety of yourself and Miss Larsen…”

“Alright, ask him to come over then!” Alex nodded.

The incident this time had absolutely nothing to do with Joel, and it was Grant Xenos who had acted out on his own when Alex had caught his eyes. Even if Alex had not come here to race, Grant would have found other opportunities elsewhere. It was the terrain here that had made him take Phoebe and flee to the sea by accident and stumble upon Dragon Island, discovering the existence of Leviathan Gate… All in all, there was still something good that had happened.

Very soon, Joel arrived.


Once Joel reached him, he knelt immediately in front of Alex. “Young Master Alex, I didn’t know your identity before this and have deeply offended you. I beg you for mercy, Young Master Alex, please forgive my recklessness! From now on, I, Joel Quarters, am willing to work hard for your sake!”

The dignified, aloof second son of the Quarters family was kneeling and apologizing to Alex.

Richard was stunned. He had refused to kneel previously because he still thought he had an image to uphold. Now that Joel was kneeling, Richard panicked, and he also knelt immediately. Who cared about upholding the image right now? In addition, he also slapped himself three times in the face. “Young Master Alex, I am also the same. I didn’t know who you were before this, and I’m really damned. Starting today, I, Richard Dodge, swear that I’m willing to be your lapdog. If you ask me to go east, I will never dare to go west.”

Alex was flabbergasted. “The two of you are ready to give and take and are really flexible.”

The two rich young masters laughed bitterly. If it was anyone else here in their position, what else could they do?

“Then, what’s the deal with Judy Larsen? And why are there so many reporters and people out there screaming about grievances?” Alex asked.

Richard answered first. “That Judy Larsen had such a vicious mind, I don’t know what other words can be used to describe her! She had strongly suggested the race on the mountain roads. Second Young Master Joel had initially hoped that Judy would help hook him up with Phoebe, but Judy had other thoughts in her mind. Not only did she want to take Phoebe’s place, tarnishing your and Miss Phoebe’s reputation, she even wanted us to cheat in the race, to ram the car you and Miss Phoebe were in to cause an accident. Death is not enough to even wipe out the crimes that she has committed!”

“As for the other people…” Richard glanced at Wayne. “It seems that Alaska’s Larsen family were the ones to call them here. They don’t seem to know your identity either, Young Master Alex.”

“Then, those people out there, can you settle them?” Alex asked again.

Richard replied, “I can try.”

As for Joel, he said, “That’s simple enough. I guarantee I’ll be able to complete this task.”

The two of them went out together.


“Alex, who on earth did it?”

“We saw a man wearing a pig’s mask when we watched the surveillance video.”

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