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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1433

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1433

Grace Larsen heard Grayson Larsen’s voice. How could she endure it?

She snatched Wayne’s cell phone away and screamed at Grayson on the other end, “Old fart, whose death did you say was a blessing? Are you worthy of being a patriarch? Are you worthy of being a grandfather and a father? Do you think that we’re willing to call you ‘Dad’?! You don’t deserve it at all. If you don’t make us call you ‘Dad’, then we’ll let it be. Who cares? From now on, we’ll end our relationship.”

Grayson flew into a rage on the other end. “You b*tch! It’s because of you that my son would go to such a place like Michigan. All of this is because of you. You’re the main culprit of this disaster. You won’t be able to die in peace.”

“Get lost!” Grace suddenly hung up the phone.

She was not done venting her anger. She searched all the contact information of all the members of the Larsen family in Wayne’s cell phone and deleted all of them one by one.

She said to Wayne, “If you still call him ‘Dad’ in the future, don’t you ever call me your wife!”

At the same time, Grayson immediately took Wade to the Quarters family residence to discuss revising the engagement.

When Grayson saw the old man of the Quarters family, he immediately said, “Old Quarters, this time we drop by to discuss a crucial matter. Phoebe Larsen, my eldest son’s daughter, Wayne Larsen, just had a little accident earlier. She’s probably already dead! But after thinking about it, Phoebe doesn’t suit your family’s Joel. She doesn’t deserve Joel at all! You know, too, that Wayne had fallen out with my family in his early years and run away from home ages ago. The wife he married is also someone from the underclass. The daughter they raised is even trashier. Who knows how many men she was with out there? If she really marries into the Quarters family, I, Grayson Larsen, will feel sorry for you, Old Quarters. Hence, we specifically came here to revise the engagement. I’ll let my other granddaughter, Judy Larsen, marry Joel.”

“Oh? You’re saying that Phoebe Larsen is garbage?”

The old man of the Quarters family was called Crawford Quarters. At this moment, his expression was extremely strange.

However, Grayson could not tell it at all.

Wade next to him supported him and said, “Yes! This woman, Phoebe Larsen, hasn’t received any good education since her childhood. The friends she made are also people from all places, all of them are garbage who are not up to standard! Don’t you know that this woman is very unscrupulous in her private life? She serves a man with another woman. She simply brings shame to our Larsen family.”

“That’s right. Moreover, I’ve severed the father-son relationship with Wayne Larsen just now. We won’t be related at all from now on!” Grayson said in extreme rage.

“What? You’ve severed the father-son relationship?”

“That’s correct! Moreover, I’ve already announced it to Alaska just now.”

Upon hearing such words, Crawford shook his head. He did not know what to say either. He had allowed Joel to marry Phoebe was fundamentally because of Wayne and Grace. In other words, it was not crucial if Phoebe was a pure and noblewoman. Let alone she served a man with another woman, Joel must marry her even if she was transgender.

However, they had broken off the father-son relationship. What damn engagement were they going to have then?!

Just at this moment, Crawford received a phone call. It was a call from Joel Quarters.

Joel could not withstand the pressure anymore in Michigan. He had searched all night, but he could not find Alex. Meanwhile, he was being closely monitored by the people of the Divine Constabulary and could not leave the place at all. It was as if he was sitting in prison. Once Geronimo Melvis confirmed that his grandson was dead, he would make him a target of punishment.

Hence, he called Crawford for help.

A minute later, Crawford abruptly stood up and knocked over the stool to the ground. A cup of hot tea next to him was knocked over as well.

He hurriedly said, “Is what you said true?”

“Grandpa, it’s absolutely true.”

“B*stard, how could you be this careless? Don’t you usually have a sense of decency in doing things? How could you be so reckless this time? Who’s that Geronimo Melvis? He’s…” Realizing there were still people next to him, he forcibly swallowed the rest of the sentence and said, “I understand. I will immediately arrange a private jet and fly to Michigan right now.”

After hanging up the phone, Crawford sank with restlessness.

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