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The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1432

The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1432

Hence, she gave her father a call, telling him that Phoebe Larsen was dead with a high probability and the Larsen family’s marriage partner for Joel Quarters had to be changed. She asked him to help her to fight for a spot.

Although she was the most suitable woman to marry Joel, it was quite possible that the other branches of the Larsen family still had other thoughts. If she were to be overtaken by someone else, would it not be too late for her to regret it?

“What? Phoebe Larsen is dead?”

Judy Larsen’s father, Wade Larsen, heard about this news. He could not come to his senses for a long time. “How is it possible? The old man just accepted the marriage with the Quarters family, and he was still discussing the cooperation of both families to develop Gemdale Plaza. Wouldn’t there be a variable at this rate?”

Judy said, “This shows that Phoebe Larsen’s virtue is unworthy of the status, and she didn’t have the fortune to enjoy it. She wanted to marry the second young master of the Quarters family by forceful means. But the result is great. She’s dead! Dad, I’m not inferior to Phoebe, right? I’m more suitable to become the wife of the Quarters family’s second young master!”

Wade nodded. “That wild brat, Phoebe Larsen, is indeed not unworthy. She lived in a small place like Michigan since her childhood, and her mother was a brute. She wasn’t educated much since she was young. She’s short-sighted, and her cognitive abilities are too low. If she were to become the wife of the Quarters family’s second young master, she’d only cause trouble to our Larsen family.”

He pondered for a while. Then, he immediately said that he wanted to find the old man to talk about this matter. Upon hearing it, the old man of the Larsen family instantly gave Wayne Larsen a call.

At this moment, Wayne was worried about his daughter’s safety. Facing his father’s question, who was far away in Alaska, he was not in the mood to answer him at all. He said in a low tone, “She’s missing, and there’s no news yet.”

However, the old man of the Larsens immediately learned through his connections that Michigan had deployed a total of three thousand people from the law enforcement department for the search and rescue task. There was also the local military and even the people from the Divine Constabulary…

They had searched for her all night, but they could not find her. It boded ill rather than well.

The old man of the Larsens put down the phone.

He felt that this matter must be planned ahead. Gemdale Plaza was a huge project that involved the fund of hundreds of billions of dollars. It was also a proof of entry for the East District in Alaska, so the Larsen family must take it down.

In other words, the marriage tie of the Larsen family and the Quarters family could not be broken.

He looked at Wade and said, “What you said makes sense. Phoebe Larsen is a wild brat, and she didn’t have the fortune to enjoy the marriage with the Quarters family. It’d be the most appropriate to let Judy do it. I’ll give Wayne a call right away to have him apologize to Joel Quarters to hold onto the Quarters family.”

He just did what he said. He immediately made a call to Wayne.

“Wayne, I’m afraid it would bode ill for Phoebe after encountering such a tribulation. You don’t have to be too sad. Anyway, it’s just a brat. Just let it be if she’s gone! You’re still young, and you can have another kid. Maybe you can have a son.”

Upon hearing it, Wayne was speechless.

He felt a rush of anger. “Dad, what nonsense are you talking about? Phoebe is my biological daughter, the apple of my eye. What do you mean by just let it be if she’s gone? I need to see her body whether she’s alive or dead. I believe she will be able to come alive for sure.”

The old man of the Larsens, Grayson Larsen, said, “You have a personality of refusing to concede defeat since you were young. Alright, I won’t persuade you anymore! But, the Quarters family and my Larsen family just made the engagement. At first, Joel Quarters is going to marry Phoebe. Now that Phoebe is gone, I’m planning to let Judy marry the second young master of the Quarters family…”

“What? The marriage between Phoebe and Joel? When did it happen? Why didn’t I, the father, know it?” Wayne nearly jumped up.

“This is set between Old Quarters and me. I didn’t have the time to tell you.”

“Nonsense! This is simply ridiculous! You actually decided on my daughter’s engagement without telling me? What do you take me for? No, I’ll never agree to it.”

“What’s the use of talking about this now? Phoebe is already gone in the accident!”

“She’s not dead!” Wayne shouted into the phone. Then, he hung up the call right away.

Grace Larsen next to him was furious as well.

It was because her identity was hidden. Hence, Grayson did not know the patron of Grace was Elder Crain. He always thought that she was someone from the underclass. He treated her as a brute who was unworthy of being the eldest daughter-in-law of the Larsen family at all. He had made her life complicated by creating all sorts of obstacles. So, only then did Wayne run to Grace’s hometown in Michigan for development.

Soon after, Grayson’s phone call came again.

“What other business do you have with me?” Wayne impatiently said.

Grayson said, “Alright, let’s not talk about Phoebe’s matter. So, the second young master of the Quarters family is in Michigan. Now that something has happened to Phoebe, he must be a bit emotional. You, go comfort him and apologize to him. Just say that Phoebe was unlucky, and she’s destined to become the daughter-in-law of the Quarters family, but our Larsen family has a more suitable candidate. Judy is a pure, noblewoman of virtue who can bring fortune to her husband. Let’s change the engagement partner to Judy.”

Wayne retorted, “Giving Joel Quarters an apology? What’s wrong with you? My daughter’s accident is related to Joel Quarter. I still want him to kneel and apologize to me!”

Grayson was furious as well. “Don’t you know what quality your daughter has? She hooked up with her bodyguard. In addition, there’s another b*tch. Three of them just messed around. It’s a blessing for her death. If she were to marry into the Quarters family, I, Grayson Larsen, would have felt embarrassed. You have to go and apologize to Joel Quarters right now, or else don’t you ever call me ‘Dad’ in the future!”

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