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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 97

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 97

Before I could finish my sentence, I felt something cold on my waist. Dicken had lifted me with an arm and pressed me against the door. In the next second, my lips were completely sealed as they endured a long and intense kiss.

I was defeated the moment the battle started. In a daze, the legs that I had clamped shut earlier were parted easily by his webbed claw. Just like that, his large tail managed to get between my legs and rub against my crotch.

My body quickly responded to his actions. The embarrassment fueled my struggle as I waved my arms around, wanting to push him away. But with just one webbed claw, he pinned both my hands above my head before lowering himself to plant kisses on my neck.

He lifted his head to look at me, and I saw a passionate but unsatiated desire in his eyes. He mumbled, “You…want me…Linda…I…could see…it…“

I could see a broad smile on his face in dim light, which then turned into a sneaky chuckle. He then used his tail to push me higher for his convenience in exploring and admiring my body.

Very quickly, my body heated up from the shame. I didn’t need to see anything to know what expression Dicken had on his face. He must have been ready to dig in.

In anger and shame, I scolded him. ”You despicable beast ! Stop looking at me! Get out !

The rumbling thunder immediately overpowered my words, so much so that even I couldn’t hear what I had said. Therefore, Dicken probably didn’t hear it either. Regardless, nothing I did or said hindered him as he continued assaulting my body with his tongue.

My body seemed to have suddenly lost all its energy. My spine against the door started to slump, and the only thing I could do was keep my mouth shut to prevent any moaning from escaping my lips.

Eventually, my thighs, as well as the rest of my body, started to twitch. I suddenly felt the whole world spinning around me as I felt myself landing on the bed. Dicken’s lips had left my body, and the pleasure I had been enduring had also halted abruptly.

My mind went blank as my chest heaved, and my throat continuously gulped. My hands searched the bed until I finally found the corner of the blanket. As I tugged it, I accidentally moaned from exerting energy. ”Ah… ”

Hearing such a shameful sound coining out of my mouth, I quickly forced my mouth shut.

Dicken was standing by the bed, admiring my flustered state like he was pridefully showing off his skills to me. But it wasn’t long before he couldn’t take it anymore and penetrated me.

Dicken totally occupied my body and mind, and I knew what was about to happen next. But I still tugged the blanket to hide my face in a futile attempt to pretend that nothing was happening, as long as I couldn’t see anything.

‘I should be suffering or in pain but why am I enjoying the pleasure Dicken is giving me? Even my body is accustomed to his size and rhythm.’

Dicken seemed to have noticed this as well. He started to thrust harder and deeper than before.

My mind was in a buzz. I inadvertently dug my hands into his hair and moaned out loud amidst the intense stimulation.


My pleasure reached its peak as I climaxed. I squeezed my eyes shut. Its intensity was like residual waves of pleasure rippling across my body, causing me to twitch. When it had subsided, I felt like I was drifting on the sea surface as exhaustion took over. Just as I was on the verge of falling asleep, I felt Dicken turn my body aside.

He tore open the bandages on my back and lifted me by my waist yet again. Then, I felt something soft and cold over the wound. I could feel patient licking on my injury, causing my entire body to be engulfed in a tingly feeling.

By the time I realized that Dicken’s tongue was treating my wound, my back didn’t hurt anymore. Instead, it actually felt so comfortable that I almost fell asleep. I was so relieved that I had forgotten how seductive I looked to Dicken in the position that I was in.(desire-novel)

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