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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 93

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 93

Seeing the rescue boat lifted my spirits immediately. With all the strength I had, I swam toward the direction of the light. The closer I got, the safer I felt because I could hear the bustling commotion of people on board. I was so relieved that even the stinging pain on my back felt like it had reduced in severity.

It was Gary and the others. They seemed to have defeated the pirates in the middle of all the chaos and seized control of the ship.

“Gary! I’m right here! It’s my, Linda! “

I quickly made my way toward the boat, but I still couldn’t fully comprehend the speed of my swimming. It was as if I had a small motor propeller attached to me. When I finally reached Gary and the rest, they were surprised to see me.

“Linda! Oh my god! It really is you! “ Gary couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw me. He then immediately extended his arm to pull me up from the water and enveloped me in an embrace.

He was so excited to see me that his body was shaking. He wrapped his strong arms around me so tightly that I almost couldn’t breathe.

“Alright, Gary. I ‘m still alive. If you put in any more force, I might die from suffocation instead.“

I could only weakly complain so that he would release me. I was finally on the boat and could stand instead of swim in the water.

Gary then steered the boat in a different direction then sped toward the main ship. As the motor roared, I finally slumped down and relaxed.

Surprisingly, I found the boat very comfortable and craved sleep. It looked like being at sea for several months had its way of wearing me out.

The sailors next to me were kind enough to put a raincoat over me and lend me a hand warmer. I felt their kindness as I received the items, and I was so touched that I was left speechless.

“It’s great to see you again, Miss Linda. We’re so glad to see you’re safe. You’re such a strong person too, considering all that you’ve been through! “ The sailors comforted me as they patted my shoulder.

With a worried expression, one of the sailors looked in the direction I came from and said, “The waves over there were very turbulent earlier. It’s not because of the sea monster, is it? Goodness, how did you manage to escape that?“

I was stunned as I suddenly remembered what Dicken had told me before he left. I felt myself falling into a trance-like state, and a feeling I could not describe started to rise in my chest.

I snapped back to reality when I felt another pat on my shoulder. I shook my head and replied, “There wasn’t anything over there. The sea monster wasn’t there. It was just natural waves caused by the wind.“

“That merman…“

“Where is he?“

I quickly looked around in search of his figure, but the surface of the sea was covered in a thick fog.

Other than ripples and the moonlight, I couldn’t see anything else.

Then one of the sailors asked, “I was asking you whether that merman had escaped.“

It seemed like the sailor hadn’t seen Dicken and was just asking his whereabouts. I looked away from the water awkwardly and just muttered an excuse. “I don’t know either. We’ll see what we should do once I discuss with the team.“

I tolerated the impulse to look around for Dicken and instead forced myself to look in the direction this boat was heading. But then, Gary looked back at me and furrowed his brows. He had a rather complicated look on his face.

So, I pretended not to notice his gaze and instead focused on the sea behind him.

That night, I followed Gary back onto the pirate ship. Thankfully, the ship was no longer under the control of the pirates. During the battle with the pelican eels, the pirates suffered heavy losses, and Gary took the opportunity to seize control of the ship along with his men.

The pirates weren’t expecting the events to unfold that way. They never imagined pelican eels to be out for their blood or end up as prisoners themselves. One could only explain how these things happened by chalking it up to fate.

Gary and his men had tossed the pirates into the cabins below deck while the rest of us found empty cabins to rest.

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