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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 92

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 92

Right then, Dicken’s head popped into my line of sight and blocked me from seeing anything else. The next thing I knew, his lips were sealed with mine.

The kiss was intense in frustration as Dicken’s tongue pried my teeth apart, conquering the interior of my mouth, causing my chest to start heaving.

The sudden kiss took my breath away, and as Dicken whisked away at my tongue, my attention was finally drawn away from the red-haired merman.

Just as I was about to oppose Dicken and pull away from this ill-timed violation, he released me. I didn’t expect him to let go of me so quickly. He then narrowed his eyes when he looked at me and turned to glare at the red-haired merman. He looked like an emperor giving a silent warning to a naive

trespasser. It was as if he was saying, ‘This is my loot. You can’t snatch her away from me!’

Dicken’s face became more fierce, and his eyes appeared colder. He revealed his ivory teeth which glinted in the moonlight. He was unleashing his murderous intent.

“I will…come back…Linda.“

Dicken’s claw slid across my cheek gently, leaving a final trace of his damp warmth as he spoke in a low voice.

His claws tenderly clutched my hand before lowering his head into it and inhaling deeply to take in my scent. With his long eyelashes pointing downward, his face seemed to be cast with a gentle shadow.

I caressed his contoured face, and my heart couldn’t help but tighten as it throbbed with a dull pain.

“Wait…for me…my Linda, “ Dicken mumbled into my palm.

Seeing Dicken in this situation caused a feeling of uneasiness to rise in my chest. This kind of uneasiness was foreign to me, and it felt closer to a state of panic. I was panic -stricken and in a state of immobility from this feeling until Dicken let go of my hand and turned away.

An impulse then overtook me, and I rushed forward wanting to grab onto him. However, my arms met with nothing, and I was left staggering by myself.

‘What is up with you, Linda? It’s meaningless to worry about him.’

My thoughts were a mess.

In a daze, I watched as Dicken plunged into the sea, his black tail forming a magnificent arc against the night sky as he moved. Then, a large wave appeared where he had plunged as he disappeared into the deep.

The red-haired merman glanced at me with a smirk and followed Dicken into the depths of the sea.

It was then that giant waves started forming, even though there was no wind. Just like a tsunami, multiple curves of waves formed on the sea surface as they rolled in different directions.

I tried to look for their silhouette in the water, but I was only pushed around by the waves and couldn’t see any other signs of life. I was starting to think I was the only living being there.

The stinging pain and chilly wind were tormenting me. My body was on the verge of collapsing, and I realized I should not remain in the sea. If I were to submerge myself in saltwater any longer, I would either die from excessive blood loss, from sharks attracted by my blood, or from other marine predators.

Who knew if merpeople have other natural enemies as terrifying as the giant pelican eels. Bearing this thought in mind, I couldn’t help but worry for my safety.

I looked around and realized the pirate ship was nowhere to be seen.

Right when I was at a loss for what to do, I saw several beams of light shining through the dark.

My first reaction was fear because I thought it was the eyes of another monster similar to the pelican eels from before. But when I got a clearer look at it, I realized that the light was coming from an artificial source. The light pierced the darkness and illuminated the surroundings. Whoever was operating the light was obviously searching for something… or someone.

‘It’s a search and rescue boat! ‘

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