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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 89

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 89

If it weren’t for someone covering my mouth, I would have cursed out loud.

I struggled vehemently, but the mermaids severely restricted the movements of my body.

The gears in my mind were spinning rapidly as a question occurred to me.

‘What if I was just naturally this unlucky? Maybe my body was unique in some way that is unnoticeable by humans. Maybe to merpeople, my scent, body shape, or some other particular trait piques their interest, so they identify me as a potential mate? Oh my gosh! Is there something wrong with me genetically? What is it about me that differs from other humans?’

However, I had no time to ponder further upon this question because this merman had started to grope me all over my body. He even leaned into my bare neck and started sniffing there too.

I tried my best to lean away to prevent him from approaching my neck. And at that moment, a regrettable thought popped up in my mind. I was hoping that Dicken would come to save me.

Although falling into this merman’s hands was no different from yielding to Dicken, perhaps this merman would be gentler compared to him.

Even so, my heart was desperately calling for Dicken.

If only I could make a sound, then I would have shouted for Dicken at the top of my lungs. But being restrained by the mermaids at the moment, the most I could muster was just muffled noises. I couldn’t utter a single word, but I couldn’t just surrender myself to the mermaids who were raising me to the merman like I was food ready to be consumed.

I could clearly see him slicing my clothes open with a claw before reaching into the slit. I had no way to fight back. So, I clenched my fists and inadvertently dug my nails into my palms deep enough to draw blood as it dripped into the water.

I felt like I was about to collapse. No matter how terrifying a nightmare can be, nothing could compare to what I was going through at that moment. I was so nervous that my body started to shake, and the veins in my neck popped out. My eyes were frantically searching the surface of the sea, hoping to catch the sight of a black tail breaking through the water surface and dashing toward me, saving me from their hands.

Dicken had saved me from danger countless times, so I desperately hoped it would be the same this time.

But I couldn ‘t catch a glimpse of him. Even the calm waters seemed scary.

I couldn’t help but worry that the pelican eel may have swallowed Dicken, so I had no choice but to be this merman’s new toy.

The claw that tore open my clothes was now groping impatiently at my breasts. It then gradually slid down to my pants…

In reluctance , I squeezed my eyes shut and bit my lower lip so hard that it bled. Tears were flowing out from the corners of my eyes uncontrollably as I sank deeper and deeper in despair.

Just then, I heard a swishing sound like a blade cutting through the water surface. The cool and salty seawater began splashing around me.

I forced my eyelids open and saw a wave several meters tall right in front of me with a black figure riding it. The merman groping my body was instantly thrown several meters away with a webbed claw. His body arched as he flew backward before plunging into the water with a loud splash.

The mermaids restraining me seemed to have released me from their grip almost immediately as they let out a fearful gasp in unison. They then dived into the water within a few seconds and disappeared into the deep.

I was suddenly without support, so I dropped into the water. Before I could react, I saw Dicken glance at me from top to bottom as if he had just rediscovered a treasure he had lost ages ago. The rays of moonlight shone onto his muscular build as his long hair hung down to the water’s surface. The features of his face were sharp and wild as they echoed primal vigilance and ferocity. His strong tail was submerged in the water, but it did not hide the way it gleamed in the moonlight, although it was black. That was because the black scales looked a lot like razor -sharp blades.

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