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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 88

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 88

The human societal equivalent of the treatment I received would be similar to a welcoming cheer as they regarded me similar to a celebrity. Even so, the suspicion I had made me terrified and tense.

My instincts caused me to struggle, and I tried to shout for Dicken. But before I could even utter a word, my mouth was covered by a webbed claw that extended from beneath the water. Both my legs were restrained as well, so I couldn’t move at all. I felt like I was a hunted deer tied to a stick and was about to be cooked over a fire.

‘Dear God, what are they doing…’

I was so nervous that I almost forgot to breathe. I opened my eyes wide as I scanned my surroundings. The cold sea breeze was harsh against my skin, causing me to shiver.

A large whirlpool then appeared on the sea surface to my left, and there was a dark shadow floating in its center. Just like a specter in the dark, the scene was strange.

The specter’s head was the first to appear. Their strands of red hair were scattered in the water as their pale face gradually revealed themselves. They had deep blue eyes full of yearning, similar to Dicken’s, and I could see them clearly as they approached me.

When I had a good look at their face, I was astonished. If it weren’t for the claw covering my mouth, I would have yelled in surprise.

This merperson looked too similar to the deceased Alice! Both of their faces were practically cast from the same mold! If it weren’t for the difference in hair color, I would have thought that Alice had come back to life.

I thought that perhaps this could be Alice’s twin sister. Suddenly, the merperson broke through the water surface and revealed their entire upper body. It was only then that I realized I was too naive. This was a merman, and a very fit one at that! I was mistaken because he had such a beautiful and alluring face.

By the time he was right in front of me, I was still shocked, and I simply stared at him with my mouth gaping wide. The shadow of his torso was large enough to loom over me as he tilted his head down to inspect my body. Then, he bent down and sniffed my body like I was a delicacy on a silver platter delivered to a culinary critic.

If it weren’t for my experience, I would have thought this merman wanted to eat me in a situation like this. But after being violated by Dicken, I did not doubt what this merman intended to do.

Just like Dicken, he was determining whether I was fit enough to be his mate through my scent.

This fact perplexed me. If Dicken’s mating behavior was not an isolated case, then merpeople are definitely a strange and intriguing species.

Surprisingly, the mermen don’t look for mermaids to mate and reproduce; rather, they look for human females as mates.

And this group of mermaids seems to be quite supportive of this as they look like they were offering a tribute when they brought me to this merman.

‘This is too weird!’

My mind was a mess, and I didn’t even dare to believe my own inference.

But when I peeked at the merman’s face, I suddenly felt my heart tighten.

The corner of his lips slowly lifted as his eyes stared at me unwaveringly. He then smiled as a sign of his satisfaction toward me.

I had to admit, this merman’s behavior was more gentlemanly than Dicken’s. However, my heart sank when I noticed his throat. He was repeatedly gulping as his chest and heaved.

He placed a webbed claw onto my waist and lowered his head further as he took in my scent near my breasts.

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