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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 84

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 84

Did Dicken plan to fight against the monster all alone under the sea?

“Hey, wait a minute! “ I chased after him after realizing that it was a terrible decision. But Dicken had already jumped into the sea.

His upper body was already submerged in the sea as I ran towards him, and he even swept the cabin door with his tail in front of me, hindering me from following.

My legs couldn’t stop in time as I was running, so I slammed into the metal hatch directly. My head went dizzy, and I fell to the ground in an instant.

Damn it, Dicken. I cou1dn’t help yelling in my heart.

I pressed my palm against the floor to support my body and shook my head. Only then did I slowly gain consciousness from the dizziness. Then, I noticed several black long-handled objects were hanging on the wall in front of me.

I became excited in a second. They were AV7 S! These were indeed life -saving in the situation we were in! I quickly mustered up my strength to get up from the ground, and then I carried one of the AV7 S in my arms. The cold touch of the gun made me feel secure.

I only had experience using a tranquilizer gun, so I did not plan to fight the monster with the weapon. I Wasn’t why I held the gun so tightly in my embrace, probably because I was no longer a powerless woman but a woman with a lethal weapon in hand. But the gun definitely calmed me down.

I lowered my head and started groping to see if the gun was loaded. But instead, I found a small like engraved on the gun- U.S Army Springfield Armory.

This sentence alarmed me, and I was stunned. I was familiar with these words. They appeared in my university military theory courses before. I was a serious student, and my memory was excellent. I’d made detailed notes on every lesson I attended so I could never misremember it. These letters were the famous military weapon manufacturer in the United States!

‘Can anyone tell me what was going on? The logo of an American military factory was spotted on pirate ship. Had they robbed an American military ship before?’


I couldn’t help recall all the pirates’ actions and motives earlier. They came with a clear purpose. Then, a sudden thought came up in my mind, and it terrified me.

The pirates on this were not real pirates. They were American soldiers disguised as pirates. For some reason, they could not appear in their real identities.

This also explained why Henry was by Gary and my side from the very beginning. They were professional undercover agents!

‘How unfortunate was I? I thought it was a mere graduation project, but I had somehow gotten involved in a military conspiracy between the two countries. What are the real motives behind Gary, Laura, and all these disguised American soldiers? I can only guess it’s related to the mermen, but where are they heading?’

Was it the Lemenland that Dicken mentioned earlier? The merman island?

I was drowned in confusion. The unknown risk ahead made me grip the gun more tightly.

I then saw a shadow flashing from behind the cabin window at that moment. As I followed after, I saw Gary escape from the cabin below. He still seemed to be quick and agile, even if he was injured. He successfully avoided the pirates amidst the chaos

and ran directly to the cabin on the second floor.

He must be thinking of saving those who were with us!

I subconsciously grabbed the gun and wanted to follow after him to help. But as soon as I got to the door, I stopped.

My marksmanship and skills were incomparable to Gary. I would be a burden to him if I went out. Not only could I not help, but I may also lose my life at any time.

I had learned that from Henry. That was my biggest lesson so far  that I shouldn’t act without thinking. I did not want to be caught by the pirates again or be put into the mouth of the enormous pelican eel.

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