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The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 83

The Merman, My Man by Black Velvet Chapter 83

Despite the first attack failing, the black shadow did not stop attacking. Instead, it aimed directly at Dicken’s face this time!

For a moment, I was terrified to death. My voice got stuck in my throat, and I couldn’t even warn Dicken.

Dicken clutched tightly onto the snake -like object with his webbed claws, and a loud fractured sound followed immediately. The bones of the creepy creature were crushed within a second.

I could finally have a clearer view of the creature now. It was not a sea snake, and it didn’t have a brain either. Instead, the creature looked exactly like a pelican eel. Its mouth occupied most of its body size, and it had three layers of sharp teeth inside. The creature opened and shut its mouth weakly as it struggled.

It was only an inch away from Dicken’s face a while ago. Dicken’s handsome face would have probably been badly disfigured if it had bitten him.

My interest began to arouse as I looked at the strange, disgusting creature. I quickly flashed through every piece of information in my head to match this thing.

The creature looked like a sawtooth eel, but it was way too long. The visible body in the cabin was about a hundred and twenty inches. The tail was still shaking outside the window as if something was pulling the other end.

F*ck! I couldn’t help but swear.

The image of the strange monster tail I saw earlier flashed in my mind. The thing that looked like a sawtooth eel was only its tentacles!

At that moment, a few more tentacles crawled inside of the cabin, and I almost got bitten by one.

Fortunately, Dicken quickly slapped it against the wall with his mighty fishtail and dragged the other two tentacles near me away.

Dicken’s attack probably caused the pelican eel pain, but I realized the hull rocked even more violently now.

Sounds of footsteps and gunshots intertwined above the cabin, and a man’s fearful voice resounded, “ Quickly let go of the merman under the cabin! Hurry up!!! Keep it as far away from this ship as possible! The monster is biting the cabin. It must be after the merman! The motor will be ruined if the monster continues like this! “

“Understood! Quickly! The both of you, open up the cabin! Quick! “ Another man shouted.

Then, the sound of the cabin opening spread from above.

“Linda… “ Dicken let out a deep cry and let go of the tentacles he was holding in his claws. I was being protected in his arms, but my whole body followed his movement in the next second, and we leaped from where we were. He led me to knock down the barely opened cabin door.

Only then did I really see what was happening on the deck.

Dozens of tentacles as thick as boas were wrapped around the deck. Each tip of the tentacles had a mouth full of sharp teeth. They had their mouths opened wide and wanted to bite every object around them. The strong pirates had no way to fight back, and they were all hiding away fearfully, even with guns in their hands. The bullets could barely hit the fast-moving tentacles.

Several pirates had been bitten by the tentacles and dragged down from the ship miserably, and within the next minute, they were quickly sent to the huge mouth of the giant pelican eel.

‘Oh my goodness, I’m not going to end up like them, right?’

I was so terrified that I could not even move. So instead, I stared at the tentacles in horror. This scene was beyond anything an average human could ever bear.

I slowly recovered from the panic when Dicken carried me into another dark cabin and put me on the ground.

Dicken’s long tail swept past me. He then stood on the edge of the deck and turned his head to look at me. His eyes shined brightly in the dark, and I suddenly felt that he had attracted my soul. A low, hoarse voice spread through the darkness and towards my ears, “My…Linda…Stay…here…Wait for… my return.“

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